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  1. :? Hi everyone!! I am new to all this so need lots of advice and support, I have been corresponding with the yorkshire bank for nearly 3 months and and have recieved the letter stating that there charges are fair and lawful and refuse to pay any money owed to me which is 1880.00 with 2 accounts with them. I have sent the letter stating if I do not recieve a satisfactory response I will start court proceddings!! Gosh I am actually getting scared now, the above total they owe me is without interest! What do I do next!! at the minute I feel like letting it go, but then I think all that money th
  2. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, so still finding my way around things.... I have asked for my bank charges back from the Yorkshire Bank a total of 1880.00, this has been going on since April, and I am at the stage where I recieved the letter saying that the bank charges where lawful and they are not going to refund, I have since replied saying I was unhappy with the response and if a satisfactory response is not recieved within 14 days then I would start court proceddings, it has been seven days since I posted this and no reply!!!! I am starting to feel a little nervous now and out of m
  3. Hi, I am a new member and trying to reclaim bank charges from the Yorkshire Bank, just recieved letter saying that the charges are lawful, so I have replied and not satisfied with the response and if do not have a satisfactory response within 14 days will proceed with court, they actually owe me 1880.00, am i on the right path, as getting a little frightened now!! what do i do next!
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