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  1. I usually play this TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO when I get someone calling that I do not wish to speak too.
  2. Go higher up. Don't speak to a phone monkey try and speak to the grinder.
  3. it could be a fake sms with someone phishing for information
  4. someone with a little bit of knowledge and brains and a computer can actually create credit card numbers and guess them.
  5. you don't have? or do you mean you don't use?
  6. I don't think train fare evasion gives you a criminal record? Its like having a speeding ticket or a driving conviction and you pay a fine. Or not paying your council tax and goingto the magistrates court. Having no tv licence is a fine and you don't get a record also. I did get a penalty fare ticket once but it was my own fault and paid it. I had worked the days out wrong when the ticket was still valid. I got a copy of my police record for my US Visa and it was clean and im now a green card holder. As for entering the US not paying for a train ticket or tv licence is not classed as a crime in my opinion as you have not been arrested.
  7. Give them a call tomorrow and ask them what is there procedure about disputing debit card transactions? Tell them its not fraud but its a transaction you don't agree with.
  8. The bank won't treat this as fraud as you have played a part in passing your card details on to the company who have then passed on your details to the 3rd party. Its not fraud and can be treated as a dispute. Call the bank and tell them you wish to dispute the transaction. They bank should be able to send you a disptue form and you will be able to try and dispute the transaction. Cancel your debit card tell them you lost it or you think your numbers been compromised. And get new card number. As for the DPA is there any experts on this act? I think it has been broken.
  9. call Barclays Fraud on 01604 254050 see if anyone there recognises the number.
  10. I think it comes from Lord Woolfs enquiy quite a few years ago in civil law try this page United Kingdom - Changes in Civil Procedure
  11. Im guessing the bank have canceled your card and issued you with a new card number? Its a bit tricky to say how they got your card number but have you used the card in any restaurants, petrol stations or even over the phone? The first 2 places have always been well known for compromising a card number. With CNP transactions (card holder not present, mail order, internet) not all places take the last 3 numbers at the back of the card. Some places do some don't. I do know that the bank I used to work for ( I used to work in fraud) used to either write off the fraud and refund the card holder or in some cases they where able to issue a charge back to the merchant. I personally think from my experience that theres a 99% chance that they have not got your address.
  12. I did a who is search on the domain name. And its someones home address in Southampton. The name of the registrants matches the name posted in the gum tree add. Something is not right.
  13. There we go try this Basic bank accounts - FSA Money made clear - products explained
  14. I thought that the banks have to issue Basic Bank Accounts by law or something. Its so its easier for people with benefits and people with bad credit to get a bank account and have access to banking.
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