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  1. i cant find the thread on legal issues can someone post a link to it please?
  2. they seem to have added on £3000 of interest at the debt collection agency see this link: http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz153/purplegnome123/link1.png
  3. sorry try this link for contract santander.png picture by purplegnome123 - Photobucket
  4. Hi there i'm really sorry to link this thread here as i know it refers to abbey national and not welcome finance but i know how helpful you guys were last time with my welcome finance problems and i've only got a few days before the court case and desperately need help please could someone have a look at this thread relating to abbey national please? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/269027-can-someone-help-please.html#post3047515
  5. My mum borrowed some money from abbey national back in 10/10/02 she paid them until 01/06/05 and then they lost contact with her as she moved. They have finally found her and are taking her to court. She really can't afford to pay it and desperately doesn't want to loose her house. I wanted to ask a couple of questions as there is only about a year left before it is six years since she last paid an installment and about 8 years since the beginning of the contract and her payments Can she stall until next year anyway and claim the statue of limitations bar? Also i have uploaded a few documents (contract, and statement of account etc.) see below, can you guys look through the contract and see if there is anything we can argue that it is unenforceable? I know we could claim back the ppi but i would rather put in a good defense and get the debt wiped if possible. Any help guys would be greatly appreciated? http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz153/purplegnome123/santander.png http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz153/purplegnome123/abbey.png http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz153/purplegnome123/link1.png
  6. ok garage said they had repaired it but obviously had just regassed it, and now a month later there is no cold air. I asked the garage to repair it properly as it obviously has a leak and they have said no because the warranty specifically says it doesn't cover aircon. I have had a quote from a garrage (£240 and it is the condenser that has gone from corrosion). The dealer did however pay for the gearbox and ECU to be repaired on the car already so don't know how i stand legally?
  7. i did test drive it but i didn't check the air con and the engine management light wasn't on then, i'd rather wait and see how they handle it first before i post their name online, but i just wanted to know what laws there are so i could quote them in an argument if it came to that
  8. Ok so just bought a car for £4k drove it home and engine management light has come on, also i noticed the air con doesn't work it doesn't blow cold, I've read through the standard 3 month warranty which states they don't cover labour on stuff they do cover and don't cover the air conditioning. At the moment they've taken it back for their mechanic to have a look at, and given me a lender car. But if they come back and say its gonna cost me, i'm stuck as i can't afford it and am gonna be stuck. I just wondered how i actually stand legally as they did advertise it with air conditioning, but it doesn't work and i wouldn't have bought it if i'd had known that. Also i suspect the labour for the engine isn't covered also by their warranty but again its not in a fit state to be sold for £4k. Can someone advise please? Also is the cooling off period from when you sign the documents or when you receive the car as it took 6 days just for the finance to go through before i could even drive the car home after signing documents. If they refuse to fix the car can i legally hand it back and ask for a refund?
  9. just curious are mobile contracts unenforceable if done over the internet without signature? As presumably all contracts must be signed by the customer, isn't this the case?
  10. they didn't refuse at all for the PPI the rest i'm still waiting to hear from them
  11. actually they've offered my either a cheque or to take the money off the debt???
  12. 3 letters and about a 2 months, i followed advice in my other thread and it worked as they send you out a questionnaire to try and trip you up
  13. Started a new thread as situation has changed now. Welcome have offered my PPI back plus interest, but i was wondering if i take a check instead of taking it off the debt how does it affect my claim that the debt is unenforceable as presumably i then owe them the money for the ppi they refunded
  14. they have offered to repay my PPI by check or take it off my debt, if i take a check how does it affect my claim that the debt is unforceable?
  15. received a letter this morning from lewis group offering to wipe off half the debt if i pay half in full before april, is this standard or are they nervous about enforceability?
  16. ok welcome sent me a letter telling me to refer to their previous letter as they were still investigating my complaint and would get back to me within four weeks. is this normal or are they stalling for time?
  17. ok sent letters recorded delivery, shall wait now and see. Thanks for all you guys help
  18. no but it says they might send someone to your door to collect in person
  19. they can't send debt collectors around to take possessions though can they without a court order? is that right
  20. just realized they've passed it to lewis debt collectors the final demand is from them
  21. ok welcome have just sent me a final demand even though i sent them a letter which stated the account was in dispute and as such they had to stop processing my account until it was resolved. it seems from the previous letter they have ignored everything except for the ppi complaint
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