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  1. No, it's not VAT. It's income tax. Thanks.
  2. I have been in business for 30 years now and during this time have had two bankruptcy petitions served on me, which both dragged through the High Court for months before I finally managed to pay them off. I recently had a statutory demand served on me (not personally, but put through my letter box)demanding £25000 for The Inland Revenue. I dispute this amount because it is an assessment. I reckon it is nearer to £9000. My accountant is now frantically trying to finish my overdue accounts so that we can agree the true amount. Spoke to someone at The Revenue who has said that they will not give me any more time, because I have already had too long and I have had two petitions in the past. He also said that the file had been sent to the Solicitor for a Bankrupcy Petition to be instigated against me. Am I too late to stop this happening. I have paid £500 as a down payment and told them that I can pay another £2000 until my accounts are submitted. Their answer is "yes, you can send the £2k, but the petion will go ahead". What should I do?
  3. I have sent a recorded delivery letter to my client, requesting immediate return of my money. No reply yet. He is the other end of the country from me, so it has not been practical to visit him yet. My terms & conditions state that we can not be held liable for delays with delivery by a third party. There is no time period set into the T&C.
  4. Thanks chaps. The debt is as follows. Customer pays me £3000 for goods which I am selling on behalf of a client. I have sent payment to my client, less my commission of £450 (£2550), but so far, not received the goods. I am therefore unable to refund the £3000, as the client has my money. Hope this is clear.
  5. I am currently in dispute with a customer over a £3000 debt. He has sent me a solicitor letter stating that, unless I pay it full within seven days, he is issuing court proceedings. I have replied to the letter and stated that I can not pay it in full as I have also been ripped off in the deal. However, I can offer to pay it off in instalments. The guy has called me on the phone to say that he is not prepared to wait, so is selling the debt to a debt collector. He has made a point of saying that this chap has a very hard reputation and will not leave until he has got his money. Bearing in mind that I am still dealing with his solicitor, should I worry about this threat. What can the thug actually do, if he turns up at my premises?
  6. Thanks for that guys. Do I put my offer straight to the Court as an application to vary the order, or do I contact the creditor first? If I do this, I am afraid that he will just sit tight until I decide to sell my house. Thanks again.
  7. Recently picked up a CCJ through a client of mine going bust and leaving my cash flow seriously wounded. The upshot is that the plaintiff has put a charge on my property at the Land Registry. My cash flow is now a lot better. I can offer to clear the debt in instalments if I am allowed. How do I go about putting forward an offer and getting the charge removed? All info gratefully received.
  8. First port of call is cherishedregistrations.net cherished number chat discussion forum They will give you an honest opinion.
  9. If you have any problems with DVLA, visit this site. They sorted out a long running problem with for my brother. cherishedregistrations.net cherished number chat discussion forum
  10. I have an agreement with the bailiffs to pay back my Council Tax arrears at a rate of £200 per month. They have a WPA to this effect, although no specific goods have been stated on the agreement. I have now reached an agreement with the council that I will send them the £200 pm direct instead of dealing with the bailiffs. I have told the bailiffs of this agreement with the Council. They are not happy and are now threatening to come round and seize goods, because they say I have not kept to the agreement. Advice please.
  11. I recently got a CCJ against mr for £6000. I owe the money and offered to pay off the debt via instalments at court. The judge refused, by saying that it was a business debt, which they will not allow instalments for. As a result, I am unable to pay the full amount now. The creditor has now put a charge on my house. Can I apply back to the court to have my offer of instalments reconsidered, and have the charge revoked?
  12. A friend of my wife has picked up a couple of CCJs from a previous bad relationship. She has therefore got a bad credit rating. She does not have a credit card, but would like to get one. Can anyone advise on the best firms that issue cards to people with poor credit ratings?
  13. County Court bailiffs usually work roughly to a normal 9-5 routine. Private bailiffs who are paid by results are aware that they will sometimes need to visit the debtor at 7.30 pm.
  14. I know it sounds idiotic, but I am sure that I read in the newspaper a while ago of a bailiff entering a house via an open cat flap. Surely, they can't be allowed to use this as the "open window" ploy. Can they?
  15. I have just entered an agreement with bailiffs to clear my council tax arrears via a monthly payment. They have given me a copy of the signed agreement. The only thing that I am concerned about, is that they want me to pay via debit card monthly. I do not like giving my card details to anyone, especially a bailiff. What is to stop them taking as much as they want when they have my card details? Would you advise me to send a cheque, postal order or cash instead?
  16. Thanks again. My Council Tax debt is just over £3000. The car that they had their eyes on is worth about £15000!
  17. Thanks for the quick reply. The car in the premises, belongs to, and is registered to a customer of mine. Obviously, if they check it with DVLA, they can see that it is not my vehicle. The Council tax bailiffs asked me if it was mine. I told them that it belongs to a customer. With all the stories I have heard about bailiffs, I fear for the safety of my customer's car.
  18. Can someone answer this question. What checks on a motor vehicle, do bailiffs have to do, before they can levy on it? When can they clamp it or remove it. If the vehicle is in a premises with a padlocked gate, can they gain access to remove the vehicle?
  19. I have just agreed to pay back a firm of bailiffs £100 per month for my Council Tax arrears. They got me to sign an agreement to do so, on the first day of each month. I am happy with this, but they have asked me to pay via debit card each month. I am wary of this, because once they have the card number, they could, in theory, take out as much as they want. Should I send a cheque or postal order instead?
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