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  1. Zoot, Many thanks for your reply - very uplifting. Hope we have the courage to see it through like to many of you out there. Cheers, Craggwood.
  2. As I am a newby to this I have to say hello to the community, So hello everyone!! We are just in the first stages on trying to reclaim our bank charges and have received a letter back from FD saying that we should refer to their Account Terms and Conditions. Which state in respect of overdrafts, specifically Part 2: Operating your Account, Clause 6.9 which goes on to say that, cutting a long story short - That when we opened the account we would have been issued with a Interest Rates and Charges leaflet and basically therefore we knew of the charges which would be incurred if we went overdrawn. Needless to say, seeing as we are a pair of wusses, we are thinking that we don't stand much of a chance. Has anyone else received this letter after their first attempt or are we being naive in thinking it was going to be easy.
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