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  1. A quick google shows I don't have a "single payment PPI" so that simplifies things I'll add up the premiums and apply the "standard" 8% to make things simple. Should I write to HSBOS, outlining my case to set the ball rolling? wrinx
  2. OK, it's all arrived today. I'm still not clear from the figures where the "single premium PPI" can be found, is it the insured amount? I can't find a signature sheet for the TMPP, it's mentioned on the mortgage contract I signed but not in terms of specifically agreeing to it, should there be one? I still don't understand why this was taken out or applied to the account because I already have Life Cover elsewhere Surely a mortgage can't be repaid twice... Assuming I have a case, is it better to go to the Ombudsman or Small Claims? wrinx
  3. Will do...thanks for your time wrinx
  4. A - I'm not sure, I have the figure for the amount of Life Cover Benefit (the mortgage loan amount) and cover term (264 months), no idea about the "single premium PPI amount". B - I know the monthly premium but there's no other figures (hence the SAR). C - Got those. Sorry if I'm being dense here... wrinx
  5. Thanks, slightly more complex than I thought then (I was thinking a straight 8%)...I have a list of payments made and when, but they need confirming by the Halifax as you say. Will report back when I know more...thanks again wrinx
  6. Thanks, I'll give them another week to allow for weekends and then look at the pack. I've just been wondering about interest and have read the PPI wiki and Interest tutorial, but it's not clear about calculating interest for PPIs...simple or compound? wrinx
  7. Still nothing from the Halifax. I called them (because the ICO will apparently take months) and was told there had been a mistake and my letter had been filed rather than actioned, which frankly sounds like a cop out:rant: Anyway, SAR fee refunded which is small consolation because that would have been claimed back anyway. The information was supposed to be with me in around five days, it's now been ten and I'm not convinced they'll come through. Without my information from the Halifax information I'm unable to confirm exactly what is supposed to have been agreed to and therefore cannot take them directly to court. Is there anything else I can do, what's my next step...thanks wrinx
  8. Second letter sent, but still no response from the Halifax so reported them to the ICO wrinx
  9. Sounds good to me, thanks wrinx
  10. 14 days Thought it was forty to comply with an access request....anyway, yes I sent it recorded and they cashed the cheque so will draft a letter and get that out...thanks wrinx
  11. Letter went in as planned and the forty days have passed with nothing. What's the best course of action now, write to them with a reminder of their obligation or something else? wrinx
  12. Hi All I'm about to start a claim against the Halifax for a life policy attached to a mortgage but am confused by the addresses posted here, could someone confirm which is current please as a quick Google hasn't come up with much. DSAR Team 10 Carlton Street Halifax HX1 2AL Or, their new owners: DSAR Unit, Lloyds TSB BANK PLC, Customer Service Recovery, Charlton Place, Andover, SP10 1RE Many thanks
  13. Yes, bluffing. My "case" was passed, somewhat dubiously I understand, to Newlyn for follow-up and when that failed it was supposed to have been passed back to CEL for court action. It's nonsense in my humble opinion. From reading here and elsewhere there are few, if any, cases that make it to court...and plenty of offers to help defend if it does! My advice is to follow the previous suggestions and at least acknowledge and refute their claim, rather than ignore. wrinx
  14. Well....my "problem" has gone very quiet for the last few weeks. They threatened to take me to court about three or four times including passing the case file to a second party. Nothing....:grin: But, if they do take me to court (highly unlikely!) then I'll fight it. ....by the way, why have so many posted been edited? wrinx
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