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  1. Be careful with them! When we were with them I rang and paid all arrears and they stated £0.00 owed. Going forward paid DD on time. Called after payment and asked if we were up to date NO! We owed 92p as they had mis calculated! So I paid it and asked if our credit would be marked in default. No as it is under £1.00. I went mad, they admitted they wouldn't have told me so the next month they would have marked our credit and before we knew it we would owe hundreds. He eventually agreed with me. How many people have they done this to? Scumbags LL X
  2. Northview have owned them since 2016 pos before? Theresa May opened their new offices https://www.businessmag.co.uk/maidenhead-theresa-may-opens-northview-groups-new-headquarters/ Looks to me that they have changed account number as they are trying to hide what went on before. LL
  3. The only way they will send the history notes is if the court order them too and they will heavily redact them "privileged information". ICO will do nothing.....been there done that there..... the ICO are USLESS. LL
  4. Couldn't agree with you more. Why do we have such stringent rules on slaughter in this country but allow Halal meat? if you live in this country ALL should abide by one law? Totally agree also about laboratories. Thease links disgust me, I have never been a lover of R***A (reading links I have to put that or risk being sued). I donate always have but to sanctuaries, they really need the money and are in it for their love of animals....END off! I am shocked! angry and saddened their behavior needs stopping. I could go on about this all night......the thing that has always made me dislike them, they put animals down! I think it's 14 days correct me if I'm wrong? if they were animal lovers they would save as many as they could. 40 -50 thousand animals destroyed each year? WHY!!!! they would rather spend more wages, false titles, board meetings, litigating the wrong people ect ect anything but spending the money on the animals. The article from the links they raised a baby fawn, took back in to the wild, then realized it would not survive and shot it!!!!! says it all along with their 6 weeks training. There is no training.....you've got it or you've not. It's a natural thing. You love animals and want to care for them. They make me sick.....literally! LL:mad2:
  5. So pleased you had a good outcome. But most councils and bailiffs don't act this way. Which council was this and bailiffs? I have been in the same situation several times and if anything my council and drosendales are getting worse. Pleased for you.....but this is not the norm. LL:???:
  6. Sorry if this has already been posted or not relevant....I have been looking at this thread but due to work commitments not followed thoroughly. UBK v Sahib & others LL:-)
  7. I can't see how that's legal!!! who is your 1st mortgage with? and have they got a suspended order? It's not been to court yet, he can't tell you what the judge is going to do. I smell a [problem] with the estate agents and the mortgage company. Hang in there doc.....it's not over, we will help all we can. I cannot see how they can do that, it has to go to court 1st. LL
  8. Sorry I thought the support would be quicker..... nice to see Ben supporting the petition.
  9. I have contributed on this thread where I can.....admittedly alot of this thread is over my head. What I am really surprised at the amount of views and watchers have been massive so far, BUT only 5 people have signed the e petition????? Following those statistics there is little faith in the arguments put forward.....and that shocks me! I thought there would be more support. ????? LL
  10. Irish property law is different to English. A1 knows more on this than me, maybe he will expand on it? LL
  11. Hi Apple, That's the difference Swift don't securitise and no their not on the Irish stock exchange. LL
  12. Yes but they operate different to they rest of the sub prime.
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