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  1. Where did i mention any form of appeal or taking anything further, my hands are tied if i dont apply they've already got someone lined up for the job and i would be out before Xmas, my only choice is to go to interview. What do you mean As I expected in my favour? Given i've been working bloody hard for a year in a job that i'm underpaid for and that i've been told by the headteacher is coming up for interview for me to apply go permanent and be paid in the 6 weeks holidays rather than have to sign on again and get into more debt, given how the job roles have to become available by the councils own guidelines and processes and how the advertisement process will work to be fair has been discussed for months prior to this, this is not my view this is how the system works (or is supposed to) The job was advertised before it was free and the job i'm doing is completely different to the job that did go up. To be expected to apply for a job i cannot get access to seeing (it never went to external advert) while the other candidate is coached for the interview by the headteacher and as i found out today was given copies of the questions she would be asked prior to interview by a member of the panel surely i'm allowed to be a bit annoyed and i dont think it was done very well. I now have to sit this interview knowing the only reason i am being interviewed now is as my line manager threatened to quit. P1, i've also been told that this is commonplace too in other schools with internal jobs.
  2. I'm currently working on supply at a school as an admin and i've been there nearly 12 months, i've been waiting for the job to come up permanently to apply for it for over 6 months. Our school is split over 2 sites and we have 2 sets of admins. At the other site there is a lady in exactly the same position, supply for over 12 months and awaiting a permanent post to come up there. I work with my line manager who is a permanant employee of the council and who is covering a 'scale 3' job (hers is a scale 2) and for me to apply for a permanent job on my site i must wait for her scale 2 to become free once she's applied for the scale 3 job officially. (are you following this!?) We were then told that the admin jobs were coming up for advertisement soon and that the scale 2 at the other site will come up first, then the scale 3 at ours THEN the scale 2 would be free for me to apply for. I work 3 days out of 5, and came in on a Weds a few weeks ago to find out that the other sites Scale 2 would be advertised. The lady who would be applying for the job actually wrote the job advert herself. We were told that any jobs that came up would need to be advertised for 'redeployment' council candidates first, then go internally for internal council emplyees THEN go to an external vacancy for us 'supply staff' and anyone else to apply for. I arrived in the following Weds to find out my college had applied for the job and it was live (fine, it was for her site not mine) and that friday the application closed - with one further applicant from elsewhere. The scale 3 job was then put up and my line manager applied and got the job (she was the only applicant anyway) and i awaited the Scale 2 now becoming free. Today they interviewed for the Scale 2 other site post. I never saw the job advert as i came in Weds and it was closed Friday. The interview panel was a member of the senior management team, my line manager and the other sites line manager (the LM of the lady doing the job currently), my line manager found out just prior to the interview today that these interviews were for BOTH posts. 'My' job i'm doing at the moment and the lady at the other sites position. My line manager got quite upset and angry that i was never told it was both jobs (i didnt even know it had gone up until the Weds) and she kicked up a massive fuss about it. The senior manager who was also on the panel checked with the head for her views and were told "well she had plenty of time to apply for it" .... upon this information reporting back to her my line manager pointed out that at the time the Scale 2 was advertised HER scale 3 wasnt up yet so there wasnt another scale 2 available at that point as she was still employed in the other scale 2 position. With major words (i was sat obliviously doing my job while all this was going on btw) they called me in after the interviews and told me the situation and offered me an interview next week. I was still oblivious to the fact that it was two posts and said "but why do i need to apply for this job, i'm waiting for our site to come up" until they explained that they'd decided only to interview once and it was two jobs. I wanted to see what other people thought of this. Turns out the job advert never said it was two posts (i have a copy here now) and it never actually went to advertisement externally so i would have never seen it. Technically we (both supply staff) should never have been able to apply for it anyway as we're not internal staff, i also know that the lady who applied had coaching from the people on the interview panel about the questions going to be asked, the advert as it was written by her also is worded to her job description and pretty much nothing to do with mine. If it wasnt for the fact that my line manager was on the panel i wouldnt have known anything about the fact that they were interviewing for 'my' own job. I feel really angry about it tbh, its almost as if they didnt want me to know. I was only happily chatting to the deputy head yesterday about how soon she thought the other scale 2 would come up, and i feel like i'm pretty much being given an interview just for the sake of it and only because my line manager basically threatened to walk out. I have a really good working relationship with everyone - or at least i thought i did but i dont know if i can get my head around the fact that if it wasnt for my line manager and a technicallity i wouldnt have been any of the wiser, we're not a big school either we only have 60 pupils. Any thoughts people. (i was so angry earlier i nearly walked myself!)
  3. well the calls have started again this morning from Apex... i still havent sent anything to them in writing - even about a token payment. Am i still better off doing nothing for the moment, can anyone advise.
  4. we're okay on the bike HP / PPI thing at the moment given AIC are not chasing us and are accepting payments without fuss. Its Apex i'm immediately concerned about regarding the car, as they are demanding payments we have no prospect of making given that we are in financial hardship at the moment and can only afford token payments (our financial statement shows payments to creditors to be minus amounts at the moment!) we would like to send at least something to them to leave a paper trail showing we did let them know.. etc Edited: From what i can research myself on here and given that Apex BOUGHT my husbands debt from Funding Corporation (thats the debt, not the live agreement -which isnt even live anymore according to Funding Corporation's letter) Apex's threats of wanting to take us to court and start repossession of the vehicle unless our payments increase to 140 per month etc can't happen. Apex cant reposses the car on an agreement that wasnt made with them surely. In fact i bet they dont even have a hard copy of the actual signed HP agreement anyway, my understanding is that Apex have bought an 'amount' for us, and could only take us to court for a CCJ for the amount they purchased... Hey ho, its Sunday tomorrow/today, and they cant call us - they're shut. ;-)
  5. the only thing left now i think is the default for the CAR - dated after the date they said it had already been terminated and couldnt VT. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/joedee2k/scan0011.jpg I think that is everything everyone has asked for. I'm sorry its so complicated, you guys have been a massive help. We've not written to Apex yet, and have ignored all phone calls today, should i still send the letter i'd written about a token payment offer just to make some communication?
  6. proof the VT for the bike went ahead... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/joedee2k/scan0010.jpg
  7. the letter we have regarding the VT of the bike and the fact that PPI is payable. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/joedee2k/scan0009-1.jpg the amount needed to bring the payment above the termination amount was paid by OH. I have and will attach proof of this by way of a reciept from F.C for the collection of the bike. We did approach the citizens advice about this when the account was passed to AIC (nearly £4000 worth after they'd added some interest as they didnt bother to communicate with us for a year or so about chasing this PPI after we didnt pay it) funding corporation told the cit advice caseworker that they didnt close the account down properly after VT of the bike, and as we didnt pay anything further and didnt get any more chasers from F.C it spiralled from 1,600 and something to 4063. I have no idea if the bike was sold and payment was put towards the amount either. Can we find this out at all.
  8. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/joedee2k/scan0008.jpg
  9. right, i know its so confusing.... two secs... Original agreement with PPi coming up for bike...
  10. just to clarify... The bike HP had the PPI, that was sucessfully VT'd and the funding corporation then chased him for the money for the outstanding PPI... i have that letter saying the PPI isnt cancelled and is due. I have a copy of the original HP agreement for the bike... its really hard to read though. Also i will post the default notice dated AFTER the date they terminated the agreement, this is for the car. Apex have the car HP money and are chasing stating the HP agreement is still running. AIC have the bike PPI money and are accepting monthly payments no problem.
  11. what's a bill of sale, all we have are the documents i've scanned. He paid up on his account with no arrears and paid over the amount to VT the car, when we wrote to funding corp requesting VT they sent the letter above.. (scan 2 i think it is) saying that they would not accept a VT as the agreement had been terminated by them in Jan 2007 for previous arrears. That was the last we heard from Funding Corporation until we got a notice of assignment to Apex. Apex are now saying to us that THEY now own the HP agreement NOT the debt and either want us to pay a reduced settlement, the ORIGINAL payment on the HP of 148 a month OR they - not the funding corp - will want to seek repossession of the car. I have no idea what happened to the car after the family member sold it on, and F.C have sent no further communications about it. Apex have stated the HP agreement is still running.
  12. the HP agreement with the PPI that wasnt cancelled by the Voluntary Termination is with a company called AIC. I have the letter from F.C also telling him that the PPI balance is now due etc after the VT. To avoid confusion... the HP agreement with PPI applied was on a motorbike, the HP agreement detailed above in the original post was on a car, BOTH with funding corp, who happily gave him 2 HP agreements.
  13. i do, i'll just scan it now... what would happen is he'd be late making a payment..... he'd get a reminder then a default notice, then the termination letter, then he'd clear his arrears... carry on... then repeat... and they'd send him another one. No mention of anything changing on the account and were quite happy to say, yep, thanks for the payment everythings clear and fine... until the VT request and then the ah, no actually it was terminated ages ago... There was no further communication from F.Corp until the notice of assignment for the outstanding amount to Apex. No further requests for the car OR a court order to get it as he'd paid over 3,000 on it so way over a third. Hence why he thought it was okay to give the car to a family member who has since sold it. BRB.. also, just noticed, the date of the the default notice i have here is 28th December 2007, giving him until 18th January 2008 to pay his arrears of 1 monthly payment 148 pounds, or the agreement will be terminated. but yet on the letter for the reason why he couldnt VT the car, it states that the HP agreement was terminated by them on the 18th January 2007. and then their explaination of his continued payments to be a goodwill gesture... (us unaware of course) Why then if they terminated in January 2007 as they claim did they issue a default notice in December 2007 threatening termination.. on a terminated agreement?! hmmm...
  14. hi there, No we have no PPI on this agreement but included in our other debts that we are not being chased for and paying monthly he does have a funding corp HP loan which did include PPI, that vehicle WAS allowed to be sucessfully VT'd but they then stung him for the PPI balance remaining in full (this is now with another DCA) i have a copy of THAT agreement also if you would like me to post it, its almost illegible though as he signed a one page fax originally and the bit about the PPI not allowing to be cancelled is so small and distorted that we didnt even see it until the vehicle was VD'd and they wrote to him about it demanding the money. I see what you are saying though about the credit facility fee and purchase fee, i'd like to add up that profit over 38 months @ 41.3% apr!
  15. the last two pages just look like a copy of terms and conditions. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/joedee2k/scan0006.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/joedee2k/scan0007.jpg
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