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  1. i take your point but i was told its a legal requirement to have it signed for, again correct me if im wrong, i dont want to get side tracked from my original question, how easy is it for them to apply for another ccj after the original one has been discontinued?
  2. thanks for the advice PT, but surely its not enforceable if its not be signed for, otherwise they could say they have sent documents willy nilly, giving the people no defense? Also where do i stand now, im expecting calls and letter but what should my response be? do i point them at the fact the CCJ was discontinued?
  3. basically arrow only gave me 14 days to respond to the default notice and didn’t give me any time for it to be delivered, with it being Christmas at the time I think I was given something like 5 working days to respond from memory, as I said they discontinued about a month before the hearing and I duly received the NoD, its been about 1 and a half years and this is the first I have heard from anyone regarding the debt, the NoD was sent by Arrow unrecorded which again correct me if I'm wrong as long as I don’t acknowledge the NoA then they cant rely on it as I've not signed to say its been received, but I have received no other communication, obviously I'm now expecting the phone calls to begin, what am I best to say to them, refuse to speak as I've never heard of them, or point them to the fact the CCJ was discontinued?
  4. i will post the letter up later, as i said i had a CCJ discontinued for the debt that was with arrow but handled by eversheds, obviously now they have passed it to fairfax, although the NoA from fairfax wasnt sent recorded which i thought they had to do, otherwise they could say its been sent when it hasnt, so what can they do now, is it as simple as contacting me, then issuing another default notice and then trying the CCJ again?
  5. fairfax solicitors, no other communication has been received, did notice this on their website that eversheds have passed its unsecured recoveries business to fairfax and eversheds were the solicitor that attempted the CCJ
  6. I had a MBNA credit card that was taken over by Arrow global, with help for the forum i was able to get a notice of discontinuation for a CCJ, the thread is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?162101-Eversheds-County-Court-Paperwork-**SUCCESS** today over a year since the discontinuation i have received a notice of assignment stating that the debt has moved from Arrow to a new solicitors, has anyone had this before and what could they be trying to achieve, i understand that getting the NoD didnt make the end of the matter but just wondered what i can expect next
  7. just had a letter regarding this debt, its a notice of assignment to a new solicitors, now ive not paid anything further off this debt since they discontinued the CCJ, can anyone advise what might be happening, as in is it likely i could have someone else chasing me for the debt?
  8. thought so, i couldnt believe it when she told me, how you can admit to a debt you know you didint have is beyond me, but im going to try and get a copy of the credit agreement and also see if the original credit card company can shed some light on some payments made using the card as they may show who originally took the card out, but i dont hold much hope as they are happy to have a payment plan in place
  9. I found out the other day my Mother in Law had been in mediation with Cabot financial, when i probed her further it turns out this was for a credit card she hadnt applied for, signed for or even heard of, the debt seems to be from around 7 years ago, she thinks it may be from someone in her ex husbands family that used her details, she moved house around 5 years ago and it was only recently that cabot sent her a letter to her present address, stupidly she ignored it as she had never heard of the debt, it then got as far as a CCJ application to the court, which is when she took notice, but still didnt tell anyone, i have looked through the initial CCJ paperwork and all that was in it was a few bank statements that didnt even date back to begining of the debt and that was it, no credit agreement, default notice or anything, i thought they were supposed to at least include the credit agreement when applying for a CCJ???? My question is what can she do now she has in effect admitted to the debt, gone through mediation and started to pay off the debt?
  10. true but it it enough, not necessairly for them but for a tribunal
  11. just relooked at the screen shots again, i have two copies of the one that has been accessed since i was suspended, one doesnt show the dates and times the files was accessed but does show the computers time which was 16.23 on the 4/1, the second one shows the dates and times the file was accesed, this is 16.43 on the 4/1, so i dont really think that could be much help as it was obvious the computer was being investigated at the time, plus no one in their right mind would try and access the files to try and plant more evidence when they knew the computer was being investigated
  12. sorry for the delayed response, a few questions to catch up on, the evidence i have been given does not show which computer the email accounts were accesed from but it does show the files were accesed from my computer, i have had the screenshots sent through again with times the files were accessed and it shows times that i cant prove if i was away from my desk, although one of the screenshots shows that one of the files has been accessed while i was suspended, so again im in limbo as will they just explain this as being done when they are carrying out their investigation, i also use msn to chat to my wife, it does show that my account is currently logged in which means that my computer is logged in as me at this momment in time so again why would they do this unless they are still searching for more evedience, as for the foresnsic examination, yes it might show up temp files of a remote control session but if it was my boss then he could have quite easily used my actual machine, many times i have come back to my desk to find him sitting there, but again is any of this enough to sway it my way as they seem to suspect me stright away
  13. thanks for your comments, as i have said before my main problem is that i cant prove where i was at the time the files were opened, yes my boss has my password and had the time to access my computer, but i dont think this is enough to change their minds, i feel any tribunal would look at the evidence and unfortunatly side with the company
  14. the more i look at this the more it looks like a stich up, basicly the director who is doing the disipliniary has a suspision i was looking at confedential files, so he asked the group it director to increase logging, he then sent 3 files to another director, it looks like they were opened on my pc shortly after they were sent, then unencrypted to remove a password, as the site that was used want you to pay for the service it only revels 10 or so lines so you only get to so much information and they were only 4 peoples bonuses being shown, one of them being mine, to be honest i just feel as though i have been shafted, i have found a few holes in their evidence but i dont think its enough to prove to them i didnt do it, especially if they already think im guilty, i know allot of you have said if i was inocent i should fight it all the way, but i cant prove i wasnt at my desk when this happens and so cant prove it wasnt me and from what i can make out thats all they need to sack me, which would again add a gross misconduct charge to my employment record, meaning that no one would touch with a barge pole, anyones opinion on what they think would be best to do would be appreciated
  15. does that help me in anyway as i still have to prove it wasnt me
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