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  1. From the website that somebody posted earlier How long will the "test case" take? At this time it is too soon to give any exact timescales for a conclusion to the "test case" but it could go for more than a year. We have agreed with the OFT and the FSA to conduct the test case in an efficient, prompt and orderly way. ARRRRRGGGHHHHH !!!!!!!!! :-x TOSSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!! :x
  2. Oh Marvelous - just as I was ready to get into the swing of things....I know the advice is to just keep going as before but do you think they will make us all start again from the beginning after the rulings by the OFT? I'm only up to stage two (I had to start again because I sent a different template letter originally and got refused so I resent the prelim letter from here). I'm now waiting for my new claim to be refused so I can proceed to court. Now I think I won't even get that letter - I'll just get a standard ...all claims are on hold. etc. "The Office of Fair Trading is
  3. Thanks Dursary!! Will do. I'm following your own thread with great interest ! Keep going - you're inspirational! :D
  4. Hi Pinky, I used this one first - she is in legal services and other people on different threads said she was very quick and useful. '[email protected]' Otherwise perhaps the standard '[email protected]' I'm sure more people will post alternatives too. Good luck!
  5. Just to say hello and that i'm new but looking forward to being a regular (as opposed to lurker;) )!! on the forums now that i've finally been brave and registered. I'll have to be alot braver to take on the Halifax but reading your posts always reassures me and gives me strength to carry on. I'll start my thread in the halifax section but thought i'd better say hello to everyone first!! Well done to everyone who posts on here - it just proves that we CAN do it !! :grin:
  6. Wow thank you so much for your replies! I'm already relieved. I will do as Dursary suggests and start again with my prelim letter (from these forums). A part in the template letter suggests asking for explanation from them regarding my charges. In my letter received from them they said "As this is commercially sensitive information, I hope you will understand I cannot provide this information". - So perhaps I should delete this para from my new prelim letter - I don't want them repeating themselves or telling me the've already told me that!:o . Do you think I should e-mail
  7. Hi, I'm new but have been spurred on by reading all your positive posts about claiming but am now doubting myself. ... .This is where I am up to: I managed to get my statements through from Halifax. Then I emailed them stating the charges I want back from them. I am a cardcash account holder. I received a letter back from them saing my complaint has been declined and that if I continue to use my account in this way then more charges would be applied. They also said that I referred to guidelines on credit card default charges issues by the OFT and as the guid
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