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  1. hi all, well its been over a year now, i have given birth to another daughter and the rpoblem started again but then stopped so all was healthy. I never did get to the bottom of my care with the daughter i lost, and am now unsure if its too late to try again now that i am stronger and happier with my life. any ideas?
  2. Thanks for your time and valuable advice scarletpimpernel, I know what concerns i still want to pursue the trust with, so now i will start to try and put a draft together
  3. I understand all of that, obviously for fraud but i didnt think they were allowed to apply for an account with credit unless i say thats what i want. Thwe letter they sent me states that the credit account i applied for i was declined but the point is i didnt apply for a account with credit. also they misinformed me that i was not allowed there basic account, which is on the CAB website that i am allowed to apply fo r that one:confused:
  4. Finally, thank you ScarletPimpernel ive waited a long time to hear someone agree with the dismissive nature, rather than wanting to get justice money was more interesting to them
  5. Thanks alot ida5921and royboy68 youve been very helpful
  6. Thankyou nearlyoldlady its nice to know
  7. Soz hubby was logged in but showed it was me?? lol. Thanks Scarlet I'll wait for your PM. Same goes for me if the Mods have any issues with this please let me know and we will work around it
  8. does this mean that what they did even forcing me to apply for a credit account under false pretences, that they did all by the book
  9. This is for scarletpimpernel, thank you for all this help once again. For your to be able to help me, and because you really seem to know your stuff, would it help if i scanned the previous complaint procedure? the reason i ask is really because i would like someone elses opinion about the occurance of the event. And i would really like to see what you make of it. Im gonna send the letter off requesting my notes anyway but feel an outside onlooker would help me to know that what i am doing id right.
  10. just a quick note to louis wu vbmenu_register("postmenu_1011644", true); thanks for the warining but my family are completely behind me as its not just me who has lost a daughter, my husband lost his daughter. Its not for closure as to why im doing this i have already accepted that i have lost a daughter but that is not what its about its about the lack of care i recieved for example at worst case At 21 weeks if i was threatning a miscarriage yet i was told to stay at home and rest up which would be ok had i not been so far gone. But coz i was it wasnt pretty. When i did lose her i had a clot of over 700ml so had i stayed at home there could of been serious complications and put me in danger yet this was not taken into account. So i know there was lack of care
  11. Thankyou Scarletpimpernel, Your advice is very useful and i am very grateful for your advice i know some people will think that i am just someone who cant move on and so am looking for someone to blame but that is not the case and i appreciate you taking it seriously. It states in the template letter Should you need to verify my identity, or if it is your intention to charge a fee for the provision of my records, please contact me without delay. Does this mean i can send the letter and then the charge is sent later. If so this would help as i dont have the money yet but that i can still get the ball moving.
  12. thanks royboy68 i thought so. Would i be within my right to ask them to remove it off my file as i thought it was illegal for companies to run credit applications without my consent. as i was told it was still gonna be a cash card only account. Yet from the letter they sent me it was a rejection for an account with credit facilities.
  13. Thanks alot for all advice, i am going to request my notes but i dont really know what to put in the letter, any suggestions will be gratefully recieved. I will perservere thank you coz i know that it will be worth it.
  14. Don't know much about this, sounds awful. Found another thread on here with a posting that may be of help. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nhs/23570-hospital-loses-all-medical.html#post306074 It's by battleaxe and could also possibly help in your situation, though my husband used to work for a hospital and tells me that it is very unusual for the notes to be lost since they are tracked using computers and it is more likly that someone has filed them in the wrong place rather than actually losing them. Hope this helps.
  15. Planner thanks for your info, however if a search has been put on your credit file and no account is added afterwards then wouldnt anyone be able to see that i had failed the credit check? and besides all information warns you that too many searches adversally affects your file. were they allowed to apply for credit without my consent???
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