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  1. Hi Andy, I have just checked with the court and yes they have received it. Do I need to inform Experian of this and would they amend my credit file do you think? Kind regards, Jill
  2. Update - the court date was 31st march and I have just had a letter from BC by way of service Notice of Discontinuation of this case! Fabulous! Thanks for all your support.
  3. Really, thanks for that I would not have sent them a copy, but will now. Cheers
  4. Hi, I have today filled in the directions questionnaire and returned it as per instructions on other threads - so we will see what happens now.
  5. Ok thanks for that, beginning to wonder if I should just pay up as I don't really want to go to court and what if it all goes wrong and I end up with a CCJ, plus my partner doesn't even know anything about all these letters and hassle Im having and what if somebody turns up at the house. What a set of bastards.
  6. OK, So got a standard template reply letter from BC to the CPR 31.14 as stated in other posts I have read referring me to my own records blah blah blah but also acknowledging my defence which I sent in. It states that the Court will now contact all parties with notice of allocation, any further directions and notice of hearing. I was hoping it would be dropped at this stage?? Also on the same day received a BC letter banging on about how CCJs can ruin my credit and its not too late to sort it out etc. What will usually happen now?
  7. Thanks very much for that, I appreciate it. I am preparing my defence now. Kind regards, Jill
  8. Well yes I have but I could not find anything exactly the same as mine with me returning the item, so I just wanted to check. Thanks
  9. Now, I am a bit unsure of how to defend the claim as I know BC is in receipt of a copy letter returning the dongle back to Three and stating that I wanted a refund under the sale of goods act 1979 as it was not fit for purpose. Is this irrelevant to the claim as the particulars are relying on the agreement? Or can they turn round and say I must of acknowledged some sort of agreement to be returning the item, even if they are not in possession of any written agreement. I am thinking of putting something like:- The defendant requires the claimant to provide proof of any c
  10. Hi, Ok thanks, I have sent off a CPR31.14 request to both BC and Lowell today. But I am sure I have previously done this and they came back and said it was agreed over the telephone and there is no written contract and one is not needed with a mobile type contract? is this rubbish? Kind regards, Jill
  11. Hi Andy, The date of issue was 11 September 2014. I have been away on holiday, I acknowledged service online yesterday. Particulars are:- This claim is for £298.98 the amount due under an original agreement between the original creditor and the defendant to provide finance and/or services and/or goods. This debt was assigned to/purchased by Lowell Portfolio Ltd on 03/12/2013 and notice served pursuant to the Law of property Act 1925 Re: Three Mobile A/C No. XXXXXXXXX and the claimant claims £298.98 The claim includes statutory interest
  12. Hello, Back in October 2011 I purchased a service plan dongle from 3G. I checked the area and they said it would work fine, but it never really did and I gave up after many protracted telephone conversations to get it working and stay connected. I returned the dongle to 3G quoting the Sale of Goods Act and asked them for a refund of monies paid as it was not fit for purpose. I heard nothing and I cancelled my direct debit. The debt was sold on to Lowell Feb 14. Letters and harassing phone calls followed. I firstly requested statements of my account and I received a letter
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