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  1. Hi, I recently had a phone call from a company working for Ridgeworth Fairmile (Gothia, Red Castle Recoveries) saying that I still owed £100 on a Choice For You catalogue that I had about 5 years ago. Last year, however, I had a letter (which I can't find now, but I'm pretty certain it was from Ridgeworth Fairmile) saying that I owed £100 to Marks and Spencers. I knew I didn't owe M+S any money so I asked them what it was for. They first told me it was car insurance (I hadn't even passed my test at that point) and when I contested that they then said I had been shoplifting from M+S! I ran
  2. I did that today, it was soooo funny to hear him get all flustered! I told him, if he had rang me then he must know who I was. He asked me how he was supposed to talk to me if I didn't answer the questions so I told him to write to me instead.
  3. Yep, I'm going to claim it back. I'm happy with the DD because I have been offering them that amount for months now and they've just decided to accept it. I'm glad I checked my statement again though, instead of ringing AK and railroading them! That could have been a tad embarassing....
  4. I just thought I'd check first, thanks
  5. Grrr

    Advantage Blue

    I will do that, thanks
  6. I was recently charged £38 for not being able to pay a direct debit for £2. I'm not even earning £38 a week at the moment so that is quite a large amount of money for me. I was already overdrawn by £5 because of the Advantage Blue payments, but now I am overdrawn by £43 because of that charge. Now, just to bring my account back into the black I would have to put in two weeks wages. I can't afford to do that at the moment, which means that I am going to be getting the same charge each month along with one for the Advantage Blue payments until I get my student loan in Sept/Oct (which I cant r
  7. Ooops, just realised that the "50" must have been a code on my bank statement because when I checked it again, it turns out that AK only tried to take out the £2 (well, they're accepting my payments, thats got to be a good thing) but my bank charged me £38 because I didn't have the money in my account. Stupid me!
  8. Well, it shows that the site has them worried if they keep checking it!
  9. Ahhh, I thought they could monitor your email account or something!
  10. I applied online for my natwest step account and whilst applying I was asked if I wanted any information about Advantage Blue. I ticked "yes" for the info but never actually applied for it (I wouldn't have done even if I wanted to if I had known that there were monthly charges). I have never signed anything agreeing to pay monthly for Advantage Blue and I'm pretty certain I didn't agree to join (I wouldn't have because I cant afford the monthly payments), but I have been getting charged each month and I've heard that I can't cancel it without paying for 6months first. When I went in
  11. How do they know it's you on here? Did you tell them your username or something?
  12. Ahhh, so that is why there is always a pause when you answer the phone before someone speaks. Whenever I answer the phone and don't hear somebody answer straight away, I put the phone down anyway. I get alot of calls, but usually my dad will say Im not in or I will answer and say "my sister" (me) isn't in. I am 27 weeks pregnant though, do you think I could use this to my advantage to stop them pestering me? As in, it's casuing me too much stress?
  13. Because I had agreed to set up a direct debit for the £2 (and I specifically stated, £2), but they obviously didn't believe that was all I could afford and tried to take £50 instead.
  14. Firstly, Hi everyone Does anybody know if Aktiv Kapital (yeah, the idiots who can't spell) work with Legal and Trade (based in Preston)? Recently I gave my account details to Aktiv Kapital and told them I could afford to pay them £2 per month for the moment (yes, I know it's not alot, but I earn very little and I am expecting a baby in 13 weeks). They refused but I noticed that they have tried to take £50 out of my bank account, resulting in a £38 charge for me because I didn't have the money. I did NOT agree to this so is there any way of making Aktiv Kapital pay my bank charge?
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