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  1. Just a quick question about the debt arrangement scheme with regards to credit history. Does the 6 year clock for it to drop off your credit file start from the default date or last reduced payment ? Thanks for any help
  2. Talk about dead, this forum has the least feedback, getting more advice from a car forum Anyway some more contradicting advice, it seems they can go for a decree and an attachment order which basically changes the debt from unsecured to secured. But nobody has been able to tell me how likely this is or thresholds before this becomes likely. Probably wasting my time writing here but if it helps anyone then i will continue to add as I find out more.
  3. From some other forums where i have posted this thread it would appear that paying anything back after the default would be foolish. The only downside would be putting up with the bottom feeder collection agency's but that is no concern to me.
  4. Hello Guys, sorry if this is the wrong section but this does look like it deals with default notices. ok i lost my job about 7 months ago and have now exhausted my saving paying off my monthly payments about 2 months ago. I will concentrate on the halifax as I owe them the bulk of all my debts 3K over draft, 7K Loan and 4K on a loan. Now i am ok with the overdraft and credit card but this could change soon. The loan department were the most aggressive in following up my first missed payment hence why i dealt with them first. I agreed to pay them £60 per month(normal £179) until i got a new job which will be in 2 months starting in November and i would resume normal payments and pay back any arrears immediately. Now i thought that was the end of that until i get a letter stating that as i am in 2 months arrears they are going to issue a default in 10 days(elapse in 2 days). Now after a phone call with them they are still going to issue the default notice as i will have missed 3 payments, even though i offered to set up a reschedule there and then. They refused the reschedule as my contract is for 3 years and would not let me reschedule as the repayments would be the roughly the same as pre default over the term. Now maybe i am wrong but i feel i have done everything i could to pay this back, previously never missed any payments ever. I feel that putting me in default is unreasonable, i can assure you that its pointless arguing this as i have tried for 3 days now. In light of this the hulk is coming out in me now and i am looking to the future now. Ok they default me, from my limited knowledge gained from this forum i see it this way. Now that they have defaulted me there is no incentive to pay them back and i should just now tell them to beat it and stop making ANY payments. If i do this then after 6 years the default notice will fall off and the debt will be statutory banned. IS THIS CORRECT, if this is correct what is the advantage in keeping up regular payments and paying this off? Secondly if i have one default i might as well have 3 defaults no difference they will all drop off at once, is this correct. Please do not think i am trying to work the system i was in for 65K debt and have payed of 50K and until i lost my job. Would be grateful for any help. Thanks PS Forgot to add that i am in Scotland so not sure if the same rules apply.
  5. Hi Mechs, I will be doing all further contact by letter from now on. All she said was there would be a charge of £5 for this, she never said per statement. I will keep you informed of the progress. PS I have calmed down now
  6. Hi Mechs, Thanks for putting my mind as ease, it was a silly question the more i think about it. It was all just a spur of the moment reaction, it will not happen again i will be prepared next time. Well now for the introduction, my name is Scott and i am sick to death of these unfair charges. The last straw was last week, two paypal payments came off and that caused me to be overdrawn by £11, so what do they do they charge me 2X£30. What the %^&^$£%^&$@ no way, so i went into a rant and they said as a goodwill gesture they would cancel one charge, what the ^*%&&$%^^$%£ cancel the two of them. Anyway i asked them for the last 5 years statements and they said that will be £5 and they will be with you in 5-10 working days. So i await my statements. I just panicked after i came off the phone, it will not happen again. This is war.
  7. Hi everyone, Sorry if my introduction is short but i want to get this off my chest ASAP. Just off the phone a minute ago from the Halifax asking if i am going to be charged for being overdrawn by £11. They said yes and they were going to charge me £60, what the &^%$£££@. In a fit of anger i said i want all my charges back and could they give me a copy of my last 5 years statements. The lady was very nice and told me this would cost £5. But she then said as a goodwill gesture they would drop one of the charges and mumbled something about me not being able to claim back any money. In the heat of the moment i said i would accept the goodwill gesture. HAVE i just accepted my final offer? Surely not i have not even started my claim? I am a panic merchant, whats going on Thanks Scott
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