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  1. Done! Thanks very much...I'll be sure to hit that donate button if this works
  2. No, I'm not resident there, I presume it is my last address in 2008 before moving overseas. I don't know how Capquest got hold of my current address.
  3. Thanks everyone. The loans would have been taken out in 1995 to 1998 as I left in '99. Will it definitely not affect my credit file? Should I literally ignore it (|i.e. bin it), or get in touch with them to tell them its SB? Thanks again, super quick service!
  4. Hi, I left uni in 1999 and deferred my SL for a few years while my earnings were under the threshold. I started paying probably in about 2003 and stopped in 2007 when I left the country. I have not heard anything from SLC since then and have made no payments since then. I'm back in the UK now. Today I got a letter from Capquest saying there is £2358 outstanding but they will accept £1650 as a settlement. I've read elsewhere here about asking them to provide a CCA or tell them that the debt is now statute barred as I have not heard from anyone or made a payment for 10 years now. Could anyone advise me what I should do? The letter is not threatening, its written with green highlights (though I'm sure these will soon turn red), however it does say "If visible on your credit file we will mark your account as satisfied with a partial settlement flag". Obviously I don't want them going near my credit file. Thanks
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