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  1. Thats ok,I've dated the letter in the header with my address Off to the P.O. now,,,,
  2. Cheers,like you say its worth a try,they aint gonna have the original info here within the 40 days anyway if alot of other CB posts are anything to go by.........
  3. I did in a post on the previuos page in a question relating to Clydesdale.My question was can I just send a covering letter to ignore the initial letter as I now require all my info?
  4. Dear Sir or Madam, Re. Account number: XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX I refer to default charges applied to my account amounting to £xxx, which I have requested you pay back. I wrote to you on 05 April 2007, making the original request for a payment in settlement of my claim. As I have not received a satisfactory response, I am writing to inform you I intend to claim the full amount claimed together with interest up to the date of judgment and court fees in the proceedings through the county court. I have been investigating this matter further and I calculate that you have taken £xxx plus £xxx which you have charged me in contractual interest at the rate of 34.9% (compounded daily) for the sum which you have taken. Total £xxx I am enclosing a copy of the revised schedule of the charges which I am claiming. This is based on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, as I believe these default charges are unfair and not proportionate to your costs, and therefore Bristol county court will rule in my favour. I have attached a full amended schedule of the charges with this document. Furthermore I also request the complete removal of any defaults applied to this account due to these unfair charges. I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days, otherwise I will commence court proceedings to reclaim my money. Yours faithfully, How's that?
  5. Thats ok,I've been on and off this site constantly for the last 30 hrs Who needs sleep when there's money to trawl back.........
  6. Thx again,time to start drafting that LBA albeit a day late.
  7. Hi doo,unfortunately I dont know if my account was definately defaulted but as there where no payments made on it for several months I would say it is most probable,thats the reason for asking for the removal of "any" default as oppose to a specific one. With regards to part payments,having followed your thread and several others theres no way I'm accepting one,its all or nothing. Yeah thats another one I've read through,thx
  8. Oh,another question - I tried to get the free trial credit check with experian,but as I have moved recently(October!!) they dont have enough info for me to get it unless I send in the bumff........so could I add another paragraph to the LBA requesting the removal of any defaults or do I need to be specific?
  9. Ok,read,downloaded,spreadsheet adjusted accordingly(I think) and pm sent. Thx.
  10. Was just getting ready to go out to post it when I got your post Paintball........the extra paragraph was exactly along the lines I was initially thinking of going. You make perfect sense with the collaboration,it was a bit of a duhhhh!!! moment on my behalf but then I had been up all night reading stuff on this site.
  11. Hi doo,sorry bout that - decided just to go forward with the bog standard claim,however when I finally get my details through from Clydesdale it will be a different matter from the outset.
  12. Oh well,2 against and none for,don't really want to go back two weeks and I know I'll probably regret it later but I think I'll just carry on and send the LBA as per the initial request. Thx for the replies and it stands me in good stead when I go for Clydesdale and Black Horse.
  13. This is my workings on the contractual interest if anybodies got time to have a quick glance to see if it looks right http://spreadsheets0.google.com/ccc?id=o08521293616294819712.1913329511161468528.07602863945007854964.5682401889285208264#
  14. Woohoo a reply .Thx doo,been lurking here for a while now trying to take in as much as possible(been following your thread with interest )but damn theres just so much..........and I'm only starting with a small claim lol. Having done the spreadsheets for the interest the difference is over £200 for compounded contractual if I've done it right compared with the statutory 8%. I can see your point about starting again,but having been given the brush off with the "it may take up to 4 weeks to investigate further" letter I'm tempted to just carry on and adjust the LBA letter accordingly.
  15. Advice would be gratefully received on this matter as LBA is being posted tomorrow and obviously I'd rather get it right. Thx.
  16. Having already sent off the SAR I used a template from another site but only asked for the last six years.........can I now sent a covering letter asking for them to disregard the first and I now want all my info from the date the account was opened,as I haven't yet received anything? Thx.
  17. Well got the thank you, but it could take up to 4 weeks letter today so any advice about the above post wold be gratefully received as sending off the LBA tomorrow. Thx.
  19. Have sent off the request for the return of illegal charges and the 14th day is tomorrow so not holding out much hope of a full settlement lol. My question is - can I change the interest from statutory (8%) to contractual (30+%) when I send off the LBA citing the fact that they have failed to reach an amicable conclusion within the 14 day timeframe?
  20. Been a member for a while and thought it's about time I said hi,so hi.............
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