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  1. Got my statement from them yesterday,and despite sending a refusal letter for their offer and telling them to remove any refunds from my card, they went ahead and and paid it anyway and now despite paying for the MCOL with it it still leaves me in credit Surely I should have received a cheque for the amount I'm now in credit?? Ah well on with the fight.........
  2. It does,just wanted to check that it was the date that they filed the acknowledgement that I put in?
  3. Now they have acknowledged do I need to sent the court and cap 1 a copy of the spreadsheet with the charges? And if so, should it be an updated one to the dated they filed the acknowledgement?
  4. MCOL acknowledged 23/5, letter recieved 24/5 saying your not getting anymore than already offered........hmmmmmmmmm - we'll see
  5. Congrats doo,will be your turn shortly
  6. It was really late but did I read that you'd had a success last night doo? Found your thread
  7. Claim no. 7QZ73305 Charges £352 CCI £264.62 Fee £80 Total £696.62
  8. Hope their catching up,I'm at 50 days and counting lol,good luck in a speedy result.
  9. I've had a few good nights out up there in Builth.........used to put marquee's up in the showground
  10. Depends on which Claimant you are referring to.The CAG member Claimant was well prepared unfortunately the judge does not appear to live in the real world.
  11. Thanks for the input Paintball I did like the bit about reviewing my account,they offered to refund almost £140 into an account that owes less that £40
  12. To clarify,judi3's post was a combination of posts take from that site not a quote from martin himself. Full thread here - Bank Charges case upheld - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
  13. Sending this letter tomorrow when I finally get round to filing my claim.Going N1 route. Thank you for your letters dated 10th May 2007.With regard to the refund of £xxx after reviewing my account you are aware that I have a limit of £200 but you seem to be unaware that my balance would only be £xx.xx after my latest payment,therefore it is not possible to credit my account with the said sum. As such I regret to inform you that I am declining your “goodwill offer” and hereby authorise you to remove any refunds placed on my account. As this matter has not been settled I have now filed at Bristol County Court for the the refund of the sum of £xxx plus contractual interest at 34.9% £xxx.xx accruing daily at £0.xx plus court fee £80. Total claim £xxx.xx Please find enclosed an updated copy of the charges. In order to avoid litigation against you (and waste of valuable Court time)I am prepared to allow you a further10 days to refund the above amount without accruing further interest,however failure to do so will result in my claim and subsequent County Court action continuing. If you do not accept my conditions for acceptance or fail to respond within 10 days the money transferred to my account should not be viewed as my acceptance and as stated above you are authorised to remove any sums placed on my account. For the avoidance of doubt,I wish to stress that I do not accept your offer as stated in your letter. I trust this clarifies my position. Your faithfully Comments??
  14. With just that one amendment it took me to 1079 characters and the limit's 1080
  15. Looks like I managed to fit it onto MCOL.On 5(a) I changed it slightly to this and stayed under the allowed characters - (a) return of the amounts debited of £xxx.xx including contractual interest at 34.9% increasing by £0.xx per day Does that look ok,will be filing tomorrow.
  16. Cheers doo.Will have to see what happens on the mcol site if not then N1 it is.
  17. Quick question - when filling in the claim form on MCOL do you put in the total including interest(CCI) or just the total charges? Thx.
  18. Yes crediting with the standard "difference" so well short of actual charges and claim. I'll just go ahead and file on Tuesday but sent them a rejection letter with the "please remove from my account" paragraph on Monday by recorded delivery.
  19. Hi doo,yeah I went for contractual,however I was a tad hasty with the no reply lol.Got two letters today,one saying it will take upto 4 weeks to investigate and another saying they had refunded the difference between the £20 charge and the £12 they now charge. Its a bad time for it to come as they should really receive my rejection letter and request for the refund being removed before I file at court I guess.
  20. Well no reply from them to date and Monday is day 14 from LBA.Having followed a few other threads it looks like I'll be filing on Tuesday.
  21. My thoughts exactly,they are passed the 40 day deadline now but I'm not bothered.Although I really could do with the money now I'm quite happy to sit it out and then claim compounded contractual
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