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  1. Now at 92 days and just phoned regarding another matter and got a number off them.So phoned and it was a recorded message saying that they are having problems due to the volume of requests blah blah blah but any received before may will have their statements sent out by July 7th.Hmmmmm we'll see, the dates just keep getting further and further back.
  2. Eldest sons 18th birthday today - his phone - switched off ex wifes phone - switched off younger sons phone - nobody answering not being able to wish my son a happy birthday - infinitely worse than bah humbug :(
  3. Anyway,ban hunting is my opinion, it's barbaric, and although I wont tar all the hunts people with the same brush, a large proportion of those I've had the misfortune to come across have been ignorant abusive and arrogant. And I was brought up in the country.
  4. Advice Quality Unit, Charges Section Third Floor Brunswick Point Wade Lane LEEDS LS2 8NQ
  5. oh yeah,if I'm the winner use the money as a donation to the site but I WANT THE PASTY
  6. Woohoo,cheque arrived today,donation on its way as soon as its cleared
  7. LOL, I tried to keep some sense of modesty by keeping my shoes on
  8. Message to self,if you make it(95% sure I will) dont get too drunk,coz you always want to........... Lets just say last new year my in-laws were a bit surprised when I turned up at 1.30am to wish them a happy new year as they were having a little party,wearing only my shoes :D
  9. Oh that bit sounds like a good plan
  10. Driver's who seem to think they are the only ones on the road and cant be bothered to use their indicators :mad: :mad: Come on, it aint that bloody hard - u can do it with one finger whilst you're hands are still on the wheel BAH HUMBUG!!!!!
  11. So do I,infact so much so I may not even go back!!!! Upto fifteen hours a day with no set breaks,doing physical work.....ah stuff them.
  12. If I'm back in Bristol for the weekend I'll try to get across,nice and close to the train station so not too far to stagger
  13. Still waiting (now 83 days) but hopefully the rumours are correct about them clearing the backlog by this week.
  14. Think this has been posted on another thread somewhere but thx for the reminder, still waiting on mine and I'm at 83 days now so heres hoping there here by Friday.
  15. Thx Donation will be sent once cheque has arrived and cleared. Is there another way to donate rather than paypal?
  16. After 10 weeks without any income this has come at a great time.Thx to all those who helped out at the beginning and the middle and right before the end
  17. WOOHOO full payment including contractual interest,outstanding balance after refund on card earlier in the proceedings to arrive by cheque with 14 days
  18. thetenter


    They seem to be struggling with the huge numbers of claims of late BBC NEWS | Business | Bank claims deluge legal service
  19. K,cheers.They acknowledged on 23/05 so not long now
  20. Quick question - how long do they have to file a defence from the date they acknowledge your claim? - is it 14 or 28 ?
  21. I sent an email to the address above last friday(early am) and have just got back from Scotland this afternoon and no reply.I did get a letter dated the fourth about how my 40 days are almost up and they have a backlog........they seem a bit late at sending it as it's now over 70 days.
  22. When I sent the letter rejecting their offer I stated that I wanted the refunds to be removed and any returns to be presented in the form of a cheque.
  23. SAR sent and still no reply after 63 days :o Think I'd better start chasing them Surely my charges aint that bad that they dont want me to have the records
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