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  1. Tell me about it, took more than 90 days to get my statements from this bunch and when I do file at court I get a letter from the court saying they are staying all new cases.....DOH If the bank had sent the info when they where supposed to I'd have been a lot further down the well beaten track.....
  2. Everyone is entitled to a "blonde" moment now and again lol
  3. Bookworm is the moderator who put the bundle together
  4. Got a letter from the court today informing me they are staying all new all new cases due to OFT case.
  5. Now £120 lighter and back home with most of the paperwork I took - they only wanted one copy of the claim ( I printed 3) and same with the schedule of charges, said they would copy them even tho I had copies of it there with me!!!
  6. Off to the county court tomorrow to file the claim. Was a bit disheartened when I heard about the OFT case but having had a read through here looks like the best thing to do is keep going regardless.
  7. 1. That I'd never married the twisted, debt inducing(all in my name) witch (yes I'm bitter!!! and not fully expressing my feelings towards her) 2. That my kids have long, successful and happy lives 3. That I am the sole winner of next weeks euromillions...........
  8. It's the same as the wasted cost order,of which a template is in the templates library. By the way,congrats to all who won
  9. This happened to me with a clydesdale card 2/3 years ago.Turned out to be a faulty ATM. Or at least that was the explanation I got!!!!
  10. Quick question - as I live in Bristol,am I better sending the prelim to the Leeds address to keep the claim in England?
  11. Prelim drawn up, schedule of charges filled in(took a while) all ready for posting tomorrow. Let the games begin, although going by other threads, I'll be lucky to have my money back before Xmas lol.
  12. Yuo could have some wait,I didnt get mine till approx 95 days and there are others who waited over 100.
  13. Well done wobbles, I'm sending my prelim on Mon so dont expect to get very far till about september if I'm lucky with this shower.
  14. Well after a bit of scribbling on the old notepad and typing into the spreadsheet,without "sc" (can only assume thats service charge) the figure stands at £2912.50 ,and with the "sc" included it jumps to £3765. The "sc" charges only seem to appear when my account was overdrawn and had been hit with another "fee" so it's like a double whammy,so its going on the claim.
  15. On the statements there is an entry - "sc period to".Now some months this is 0.00 and other months it's £22.50, can this be claimed back?
  16. Woohoo,at last they have arrived, but I see what everyone means about the double sided printing, the gits.
  17. Any news on this? I'd be up for a t-shirt if a percentage was going to the site.
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