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  1. I'm receiving housing and council tax benefit at the moment so they know I'm on ESA but I'm not sure if its income or contributions based
  2. This applies to council tax form last year, I knew I had arrears and agreed to pay so much per week but with verylittle work got behind on the payments and never received anything from council about it going to court. Phoned council today about it and the fact I'd never received anything but they just said it had been sent out...
  3. I received a hand delivered letter today with the above heading with regards to unpaid council tax, a Liability order was issued on the 12th May this year. Having had a read through a few post I was wondering if I can pay this on-line, inform the council its been paid on-line and ask for confirmation of payment and withdrawal of the bailiffs? The sum is only around £210 and although I cant really afford to pay as I'm on employment and support allowance, I could pay.
  4. Try living in England and handing over a Clydesdale £20 note after a visit to Scotland (which I do every month) - its almost impossible apart from very large supermarket chains.......even then I've had cashiers asking their managers if it's "real" money!!!
  5. I work with an ex-BT installer and he informed me that for each day that goes by after your installation date your entitled to £20 compensation. Was wondering if anyone could confirm this is still the case? 31 days after my first appointment I found out that it had been cancelled( not by me) and they have since missed another date. Finally got the phone line in but took some time as my first installation date was 4th October..........
  6. I just keep waiting for the goal celebration of pulling their tops over their heads...........lol
  7. £25 for bouncing a cheque - and they say this is cost neutral !!!!! Damn I should be working there..........
  8. Rally champion Colin McRae dies with son in helicopter crash - Times Online He was a hell of a driver.............
  9. IF they conceed that the charges are unlawfull, it will be interesting to see what they are going to consider a fair charge.............and if it's £5 or less they could find themselves swamped with new customers overnight unless the rest of them conceed at the same time.
  10. Unfortunately I have never signed on for any benefits despite only working for 3 weeks in the last 6 months(yes it's been a bloody struggle) due to a regular "next week" promise of work..... the defence looks fairly standard, however I'll try to get it scanned at a mates house and post it here.
  11. Despite letter from court informing me of stays on new cases,have still received defence from CB and today received the AQ which needs to be completed and returned by 24/9/07. Just what I need at the moment, don't start work until the 10/9/07 so no money till a fortnight later........bugger
  12. Having consulted a solicitor,he said he can get the decree back to court to have my name removed and the arrears placed in my wifes name even tho I forgot to inform the housing association and have proof of living elsewhere.
  13. Hmmmm strange one here.Just received a letter from blackhorse which reads - We are pleased to enclose a cheque for £xxx because of an overpayment. Now it's over £200 less than I was claiming,however it makes no mention of the charges I am claiming?? Do I write back saying thank you for being honest about the overpayment now wheres my charges refund or thank them for the part payment of the charges and where's the rest??
  14. I split up with my wife over a year ago and moved down south to my job.However with everything else I had to organise I forgot to inform the housing association that I no longer lived there.Just recently I was phoned by a friend to say my wife had been evicted and an eviction notice had been stuck on the inside of the door naming myself aswell. Can I get my name removed from the eviction notice as I obviously have proof that I haven't lived there for over a year? Sorry can a mod move this to landlords thread,slip of the finger
  15. Finally got my statements through from my car finance, so off goes the prelim asking for the collection activity and late payment fees.It's only £345 without interest but it's mine so I want it back.........
  16. In the general section there is a sticky with details of all courts and their stance regarding stays, which is being updated regularly as and when others post their situation from the courts.
  17. Bristol county court - claim filed 7/8/07 letter received a couple of days later with 2 dates on it - 7/8/07 and 8/8/07 stating that because of OFT test case the district judges have decided to stay all new cases.
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