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  1. hello Tilly , how goes You ? well i hope , im good at mo just popped by to see how all are , seems real quiet here at mo peeps just hanging about for results tomoz i guess thats if anything happens as not heard nowt in media ect except doom and gloom lol anyway hope you have a nice evening tlk soon xoxoxox
  2. hi Stone thought id pop by see whats been happening here ,, tis very quiet lol think all must be waiting for tomoz, Hope You and yours are all well , we are good here , same ol same ol lol been trying to catch you on msn seems we miss each other ,, ahh well thats life take care and hugs to you both xoxoxo:D
  3. hi Tilly hope all is good with you, im still popping in now and again , all good here just be a patient lil person at mo lol take care hugs xoxoxo
  4. hi Stone lol you at it again , go get em hope you and marion are both well . Let them be pessimistic , think enough people on here to keep the optimism going will keep watching to see how it goes take care and stuff ,, huggles xoxoxo
  5. hi , im same as you got stayed in court in sept /oct , dunno if we have to apply for stay to be lifted or not im trying to find stuff out , just keep reading diff forums i guess some one will post answer soon enough
  6. yeyy excellent news ,, wonder if i will have to apply for my stay to be lifted now more paper work lol ahh well least something good is happening
  7. who knows i guess we wait to see if the Oft lift the waivers or not ?? i was told by court receptionist that i will have to apply for my stay to be lifted , so ,,, i thought it would just go through system and banks would pay out automatically ?? lots of questions are gonna be asked i think
  8. lol yea true ,, will wait and see i been checking internet to see whats going on as i dont have a tv lol so im holding my breath at mo ,, thanx for letting us know Dursary much appreciated
  9. hi all any news yet!!!, i dont have a tv so been checking internet sites lol some are saying OFT won ????
  10. lol think they would pay me all they owe ,, haa haa , will wait til Thurs see wat happens , then i,ll get it all back even wat they owe since i put me claim in ,, that must be another couple of 100 on top lol ,, sheesh ,
  11. lol they took £35 off me on monday out of my tax credits so they aint that soft yet ,, oh well
  12. lol hi Tilly see you still giving halifax the runaround haa haa i love it :)Hope all is well with you , all good here thought i would say hi while i waslooking through the threads take care xoxoxox;)
  13. yea thats true one way or another hopefully huggles xoxoxox
  14. howdy doody Stone, how goes it just been reading threads will be good if it goes our way ,,, lets keep the fingers crossed and a happy outcome
  15. oops lol sorry was logged out im good ty Tilly just been reading bits and bobs ,, hows You ? is quiet so i dont stay long not been up to much just trying to keep my head above water like the rest of us lol going to bed now have a read , how exciting eh , anyways take care and tlk soon huggles and stuff xoxoxox
  16. hi Stone glad You got yoursons stuff sorted well done
  17. ho OF im good thanx , lookingfor work again seems they only employ you for few weeks then lay you off wish i could find something more permanent , went for interview today so keeping me fingers and toes crossed lol . glad your well hope to see you around take care xoxoxo
  18. hi SSL yea thoughti would pop by and see hows things are ,, althoughnotmuch happeningat the moment , guess we all sitting on our thumbs lol as Stone would say
  19. ohh okies Kenny thanx for that i not heard or seen a thing keep checking here every so often but is real quiet . Hope your well take care xoxo
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