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  1. This also works out of hours, if you tell the advisor you have a heart condition (i.e. Angina) and high blood pressure they prioritise your call! What ever the time of day! Why be fobbed off when you pay for the service?
  2. I'll make a bold suggestion, join a union, a lot of unions are there to make sure that management do there job correctly and will not challenge "protocol" I joined a union called "Solidarity", a lot of it's reps are from the National Liberal Party, however, they did a great job at representing me. Indeed if it was not for them I would have been sacked!
  3. The address is correct, be interesting to see if they comply, they have made the collections and accounts department redundant to move the work to Abbey.
  4. Global is a name that A&L use when the write off loans, they generally sit in the same offfices as A&L loans collections. Instead of selling bad loans to a 3rd party they keep them inhouse and call themselves Global
  5. £590 received - without signing anything! So my claim is still open.
  6. I think you will find 6 years in the statutary limit on data retention.
  7. Maybe the employees do not care now that Santander are makjing them redundant?
  8. Do we get to see scans of the letters with your name/address/account numbers removed? Do you have investments with them?
  9. The default notice is merely a way that A&L make extra cash on late payments. They make a charge of £25 for a late payment, there will probably be a late payment shown on your credit file too. Speak to the arrears department, bring your account up to date and ask to have the £25 refunded. Maybe someone could take them to court to get charges refunded. ****ed off ex-employee!
  10. I can't answer your question, only to say that it is the policy of the Labour governement that is the problem, and people will still vote for them, they dont represent the working class and they dont represent me!
  11. A&L charge 50p/day, maximum £5/month for an authorised overdraft. £5/day for an unauthorised overdraft. Save money and switch! They give you £100 too
  12. I was talking to an A&L employee today, she works in the department that deals with these requests. They employee 20 people to deal with these overdraft queries! I wonder how much that costs them?
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