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  1. I think what's important here, regardless to the LL's financial agreement with the mortgage company is signing that contract will make no real difference to your rental security, if anything it'll give you the edge to being more secure. Why would they go to those lengths if they were just going to evict you? And as for eviction there is a procedure to follow so if this did happen come back and the forum can advise. A LL can ultimately evict you for any reason weather they tell you that reason or not but there are rules and they have to be followed. I think you'll be ok.
  2. You would probably have been better off just not turning up for the flights and giving up the money. How you paid is irrelevant. You formed a contract with Ryanain then broke it. Ryanair are going to want their money.
  3. Photograph everything after your final clean up just to cover your ass.
  4. Yup, you went out your way to agitate the situation. You were asked to leave and you nipped round front and went in anyway. I would stop this claim before it costs you a small fortune. Swallow your pride and move on. If you have cost the landlord money so far don't be surprised if they want that back.
  5. no-body is reporting a crime. Police are not interested.
  6. Can you imagine how much time and effort not to mention money it would cost to search cctv for you nicking in the past when they don't even know that you have? The security guard was putting the frighteners up you. I wouldn't worry about it but i'd probably stay away for a bit. Stop nicking stuff!
  7. LOL Tracing service... Means they looked you up on Facebook or Linkedin.
  8. Send the cheque and call that it. It's their look out after that.You have been seen as trying. Send it recorded.
  9. Hello Buddy, While it's with Marstons the CSA won't want to help, they think their monkeys will scare you into paying so won't entertain you. You need to keep fobbing marstons off until they hand it back. They normally do, in my experience, after 3 attempts to collect send the case back to the CSA then they will want to talk again. Marstons can't force entry but they will just walk in if you leave the door unlocked or a window. They may try and levy on anything outside if you don't let them in. Keep items of value locked away. They may even try and levy on a random car, tell them it's not yours. They may try to tell you to prove it. This is nonsense, they can check who owns the car quite easily but it's a tatic they like to use. Basically, don't let them in. Don't even open the door. Speak through a window or letter box. Tell them it's disputed and your waiting for them to hand the case back. They are not idiots, if you keep telling them that they will get the message and just hand it back as they know they are wasting their time. They are not a threat. When it's handed back the lines of communication will become open again but you must speak to them. They don't let go. Good luck. ps, self employed is the way to go, they don't really bother with self employed people as it's to hard for them to chase.
  10. Use your insurance legal cover, let them deal with it. It's what you pay them for.
  11. Start a Visa debit chargeback. Bet they will soon send the box.
  12. Currys love to milk customers. And the cheek to charge for recycling when all they do it send it all to auction and make on it anyway!
  13. The quality of the own made shows are not as good as Netflix. I recently watched 'The man in the high castle' pilot episode and felt it was lacking something. They obviously dont have the budget Netflix has. I decided not to continue after the trial.
  14. I wouldn't waste a stamp on this. It would be interesting to know if it'a still got the original gearbox or if they switched it. Free gearbox.
  15. Don't be afraid. They have no power, its your home and you hold the power. They just have a bully boy attuide, as soon as their attuide changes tell them to leave then call the police if they do not. If you can, video record them the whole time they are there, you dont have to hold the camera. Lean it against something. If they do get shirty you have evidence for a claim. Don't be afraid of them, it's all hot air.
  16. I'm shut down for maintenance at 4am and don't reboot till 8am so it does not affect me.
  17. I know it didn't go down this way but for future reference never NEVER accept Paypal and allow collection. If you cannot prove the item was delivered ebay will refund 100% of the time. Collection should be cash or bank transfer only
  18. Hi Tawny. Put some cat litter on the oil, cheap stuff, Tesco value price. It's great at soaking up oil. After you have got rid of the car you can use a product called OT8 and a pressure washer to remove the stain. It's also worth noting that new blocks are only 38p each in B&Q so you can just switch them out.
  19. Make him aware of your intention to use a locksmith at his expense, put it in writing and send recorded. It might give him the nudge he needs. As for answering your actual question, I don't know. Someone who does will answer .
  20. Hi all, I have an issue i need help with for a family member who brought a used car that turned out to be faulty. The dealer agreed to repair and had the car for a day or so but returned it unrepaired. We then issued a LBA stating we would get repaired and sue for the bill. She refused one letter, listed as refused by royal mail on tracking, we eventually got a letter signed as delivered. The dealer has made no attempt to put anything right so we are going to sue. Now the car has been in the garage and we are told it will cost more to repair than the car cost. My question is can we just reject the car and sue for a refund? The dealer is clearly not interested in helping so this is the only thing we can thing of. We have made every attempt to give the dealer a chance and have every letter tracked, with the refusal and with texts telling us to 'be careful'. Who do I sue? The classified ad we saw on ebay (although didnt by through ebay) was put up with an account of the husband. The person who they met to do the deal with was the wife. The receipt is in one company name and the money paid (bank transfer) was another company name but they didnt know that until seeing the statement. Who would you sue? The guy who listed the ad (his details are listed by ebay as the owner of the account). What are you thoughts. We are fully prepared to go to court with this. It's less than a grand so small claims.
  21. Before you watch that video be aware it's 6 minutes and 39 seconds of your life that you will never get back.
  22. By the way, the clue is in their use of the word 'may. They may take you to court, but at the same time, they may not.
  23. Well basicllythey send you letters until you are so worried you pay up. They have no more legal powers than you or me, they just happen to buy wholesale red and black ink and have a computer to churn out threat letters. I really would not worry about this. They will soon get bored and turn their attention to some mug who looks like they will pay up.
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