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  1. i had court date for the 14th to butwas paid up in full on friday keep checking your account as i didnt expect mine to be there
  2. thanks brucie,i was getting worried didnt hear from sc&m for while but rang them ,then on off chance checked my account it was there no one was more shocked than me .........lol
  3. my court date was for the 14th of august but they paid up in full on wednesday ...
  4. thanks all ,so i send the letter to the court and lloyds or sc&m ?
  5. thanks all ,so i send the letter to the court and lloyds or sc&m ?
  6. hey !! checked my bank account on line and they paid up thanks for all the advice on here do i need to let the court know by letter or is a phone call ok ..........thanks all
  7. rang sc&m today they told me letter in the post ,either saying when money is going to bank or to make me an offer........
  8. hi all looking for adice on what to do next ,had the letter saying they would like to enter into settlement negotiations but they wanted the normal things first i.e. a spread sheet ,how i came to the figure and account details .sent them what they wanted they recieved my reply on the 11th and thats 2 weeks ago ,do i wait or send a nudge letter or ring them ........thanks
  9. my court date is 14th of august so i suppose they got another 3 weeks ,was hoping i didnt have to get my court bundle together but looks like i better start next week ..thanks all
  10. hi all its 2 weeks since i had letter from sc&m and i replied with what they asked for which they received on the 11th of july .i havent had a reply from them in about 9 days is this about the amount of time it takes ?? getting worried they changed their minds ........
  11. 9 days now! getting worried........
  12. hi all,still hvent heard from sc&m been 8 days since they received my letter ,getting worried they might have changed their minds no........
  13. think i pay it on time didnt really look at charges,can you go back 6 yrs aswell.....
  14. what credit card charges can you claim for ....in the middle of bank charge refund but didnt think credit card aswell .......thanks
  15. hi im in court the same day ,i had a letter last week from sc&m who were mindful to enter in to settlement negotiations......you had one to ???
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