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  1. hey guys. OKwe definately have onedebt which was a loan for alliance and leicseter of course we spentthemoney but never signed for it.As we still have all the priginal paperworkat home. We asked the CAB aboutthos and they said that as wehad spentthe money we still had to pay itback.The problem i have at themoment is i havent heard from a few of our creditors for over 6 monthsaswe informed them that we had moved but never heard from them andnever bothered to chase that theyhad recieved our letter.Should we have chased them up??To be honest we thought the more wechased the quickerthey would come after us. Oh god i feel lost!!!!
  2. You guys are great! Wish i had heard about this site sooner. Friends and family haven't been much help cos none of them have been in this situation and often although they think there advise is helpful it usuall isn't. Im still finding my way around here and have found the support so far overwhelming its lovely to get advise from people who care and have some experience of what we are going through. There have been times when i felt like i didn't want to carry on but i am now beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel although i will probably need lots of help over the next few weeks. Over the weekend i am going to get all of my paper work in order and hopefully some of you will be there to guide me through fighting off the bad guys. To be fair though alot of this has been our fault due to our bad money management but the oan and credit card companies are happy to throw money at you to get you out of a sticky situation BUT they are not happy to help when you start struggling.!! Has anyone had any dealings with a debt agency called RMA? This is where my barclay card debt has been passed to. They ring numerous times of day/ When ever they send me a letter they send two copies for some bizarre reason. Is this just in case i didnt understand there first threat to take me to court. To be honest i try not to answer the phone to them anymore. I agreed to pay them £40 a month which i really cant afford. I originally offered £10 (its a tiny amount i know but things have been really tight lately) But they badgered and badgered saying it would cost £40 a month at least to keep it out of court? Anyway thats my rant of the morning out of the way!! Hopefully once i've gone through all the relevant paperwork i may need you all to guide me through what seems like a scary old process. Nicki xxx
  3. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. I have sentthe request for my charges to be sent and we will see what happens. Thanks Nicki
  4. Hi Matthew. Your a star for helping. We are getting there with our priorty debts it has taken a while. we have managed to clear over a thousan on council taxbills in thelast 6 months. To be fair i dont know how things have got sobad or even howwe get through the month. But we haven't actuall used any credit in the last year we dont have an overdraft well on any bank accounts we are using. We dont use our credit cards. I guess we just spend less on shopping clothes etc than we used to!
  5. Hi can i switch energy suppliers if i am arrears with NPower. They have been absolutley useless! It has taken us 7 months for them to belive we actuall live in our house? Nicki x
  6. Well I have spoken to cccs and its official we are skint!!!! Ok now i need some more advice. They say we arepaying out 948pounds a month more than we have coming in. This doesn't include most of our debts. Inever realised things were this bad!!! Its difficult to see it all written down. Only problem isthey have said come back to us when you have sorted out our priorty debts. This is all well and good but even when they are all payed we still have no money to pay what we owe. So whats the next step??? Does this mean bankruptcy?I have taken a small look into bankruptcy and to me it seems like "the end" whats life like after bankruptcy now i feel more lost than ever? CCCS were great though most of thier advise was good sort of feel a little lost though now!!!
  7. HI Well feeling a little better now i havetalked to someone. Also filled in the debt help form and got my reference and phone number so i can talk to someone tomorrow. Still feeling a little embarresed and worried about speaking to someone. Its hard admiting I have made a mess of things. Looks like we may be heading the right direction though!!! Hopefull this is the start of better things. I can't believe i have buried my head in the sand for so long. I hate the fact that our money problems are putting astrain on our marriage and making life so miserable. Its nice to have it out in the open thoughand its nice to talk to people who aren't Judging and have been werewe are now! Thanks xxx
  8. Thank you so much! I am at work at the moment but will go to my parents tonight and make a start. Worried because we havent heard from some of the people who we owe money too for an awful long time so I dont know what situation we are in with them. Will i need a list of all the people and the amounts i owe when i fill in the online forms tonight?Plus do me and my husband need to do this seperatley or can we do it as a couple?
  9. Hi Me and my husband are in a bit of a pickle. I'm really really embarresed to admit this but i need to stop burying my head in the sand and i need some advise on where to turn. Over the last few years me and my husband have spiralled into bad debt. Its not that we dont want to pay off our debts its just there never seems to be enough money to go around. It started where we would miss a payment on one thing to pay another and then the next month we would miss another couple of payments to pay the bill we missed the month before. Then my husband was made redundant it got to the point were we couldn't make any payments at all. We have two small children which take up more money than we earn between us. People (my mum) keep trying to give us advice but it doesn't help all the say i sbudget better etc etc. Admittedly we are useless with money and our debts are now at about £17 - 18000. Its getting to the point where i wont answer my phone I dont want to face the post and at times i just dont want to carry on. I never new having fun in my teens would leave me in this much of a mess. We did go to the citezens advice beureu who advised us to make tokan payments of a pound a month. for various creditors half of them declined our offer we payed like we should of done for the first few months then all contact stopped. So now where back at square one, If we do an IVA we are going to struggle to make ends meet but maybe it will be worth it. and someone suggested bankruptcy, We rent our home and dont have a car and our possesions probably wouldn't add up to much. We have looked at the consequences at both but we dont know anyone thats been through either and dont know what the effects are later on. I'm getting to the point were i've just had enough. One day i would like a mortgage but would never have another loan or credit card or anything everagain. Its made the last 3 years hell. Anyone got any advice. I just feel so stupid and niave for getting into this mess and at the moment i just cant see an end to it. Has anyone got any advice??
  10. Hi I have a problem. About a year and a half ago I tried to cancel a direct debit with Lloyds (Which was to pay a loan with Lloyds) My husband had been made redundant and we had some credit problems and out local CAB advised we needed to ley all our Creditors go into arrears as we had to treat them all the same. Now when i asked Lloyds to cancel they refused. So on the advice from the CAB i left Lloyds and moved to HSBC. As far as i know Lloyds are still paying themselves out of my old account which will now be thousands overdrawn and charging me every month. Is it still worth making a claim. As i already owe them money will it look bad that i am now wanting to reclaim back my bank charges. (I know that this will come back as much more than i owe theM) Will this be a problem am i just wasting my time???? Thanks
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