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  1. An update. Left last December almost £3k richer. Now in a much nicer place in a better area. AFAIK she has not rented it out yet or even attempted to repair the problem.
  2. Hi all, it has been a while. Got a random call today from Rutherford Turnbull solicitors. On a phone that I haven't used for almost 3 years! I understand that this must be connected to Hfo services. Seems like they have reared their ugly heads! Oh well, needless to say, I shan't call them back. Has anyone else had new problems.
  3. Hi all, thanks for looking and sorry about the long thread. I really need some advice. I bought my 2006 VW Golf from Carland Luton on 26th June 2013. When I first viewed the car, the original advert stated that the car had an MOT and 2 keys. I did ask about the 2nd key and was told that the garage would look for this. They claim that I found this acceptable which I did not, I asked them to continue looking. Upon initial test drive, it was noticed that there was a squeaking noise coming from the clutch area when pulling away in 1st gear. I fully checked out the car and remember mentioning to my husband that I was impressed that the car had a matching set of tyres. The brake light bulb was not working and the garage advised they would replace this. The garage noticed that the MOT had run out and stated they would get a new MOT placed on this. I had noted that the wheels needed refurbishing (alloy) and that the CD multichanger was missing from the centre armrest (the last one had been badly removed). These issues, however, were not a major problem, just a minor annoyance and something I will have to get seen to at some point. When I picked the car up, I was not told about the fact that the car had failed the MOT due to the rear tyres being below the legal limit, nor was I told that different winter tyres were put on the car. This was only noticed when I got drove 20 miles home and I noticed that the rear drivers side tyre was a little flat. It was at this time that I noticed the tyres were no longer Pirelli but winter tyres. I checked the passenger side rear and this was a different winter tyre. The 2 front tyres were Pirelli's. I immediately contacted my finance company as I had taken a warranty with them and he initially advised for me to contact carland Luton. I did this and they then advised me at this time that the rear tyres had failed the MOT. I questioned the winter tyres and was told these were acceptable. Winter tyres are less effective in warm/hot weather and if it rains, they have no grip and the car would ultimately slide off the road. I was told this was rubbish. I went into my flat and when I came back downstairs, I was greeted by a totally flat drivers side rear tyre. I contacted the finance company again and stated this to them and took the initial photo evidence. I inflated the tyre and could hear air leaking out. I removed the wheel from my car to find the 2 punctures. These were both photographed.The only solution offered by the garage was to drive back to Luton. By this time, it was 5.10pm and they closed at 6pm. I would never had made it and needed to go to work the next morning. I had no other choice than to get them replaced locally. To have to pay out for tyres on day 1, was not a good start. I put up with the noise in 1st gear for a few more days before I raised this issue again with the finance company and the garage. The garage initially told me to claim on the warranty and I reminded them that I only had the car for 7 days and under the sale of goods act, it is their responsibility. In addition to the clutch issues, the was running quite roughly but this was linked to the dual mass flywheel. The garage asked if I could take the car over to Luton. I tried to explain that due to my job and working hours, I could not take the car over there and be left without a car. They asked me to call back the next day. I called back and they offered to give me a courtesy car and could I take my car to them on the Saturday. I called the garage on 05/07 to confirm the registration number of the courtesy car and the garage confirmed that I had to insure this myself. This cost me £17.95. I would have preferred to have had the car fixed at a local garage but Carland refused to do this. When I arrived to the garage on the Saturday afternoon, I was advised that the courtesy car I was due to get had a fault and could not be driven due to a clutch/suspension issues. They gave me a different car (for which I had not pre-insured). I did express my annoyance that I was not told sooner as I needed to change the insurance over. The car that they gave me was not in a good condition at all. I pointed out straight away that the engine management light was on in addition to the service light. When I indicated, the brake lights flashed and when I braked, the indicator lights came on and the car overheated. The brakes themselves were very spongy and due to this, the car was hardly used as I did not feel safe. Also, I had to put petrol in due to the car being empty when I collected it. After a couple of days chasing, I was advised on 10/07 that my car was done and the clutch/dual mass flywheel was replaced. I arranged to collect the car on 11/07. I swapped my shifts around and arranged to collect my car in the morning. When I arrived at the garage, Carland went to start my car and it would not start. They placed a jump pack on the battery and started the car. They advised at the time that the battery should be charged by the time I had driven it. When I got home (20 miles away) I went into my flat for about 2 minutes. When I went back to the car, it would not start again. I called the garage and the attitude I got was "oh well, you will have to claim under the warranty". There was nothing wrong with my battery from when I first got the car to when I dropped it off. I called out the RAC and they confirmed that they battery had failed and at a cost of £121.99, I bought a replacement. I could not shop around as I had no car and I was already late for work. I was very annoyed with the garage and the RAC stated that I should claim the cost back from the garage as the car was in their care when the battery failed. It was the same day that I emailed the garage and I received a response on 12/07/13. I feel that the garage have been unduly offensive and I feel that my character has been tarnished without justification by them. I was very upset at what they wrote regarding the finance. I do not feel that my request was unjustified and feel that they have not fulfilled their obligations as a "reputable" garage. The garage was given 7 days in which to refund the money paid out by me, this time has since passed, I issued court proceedings for which they have defended stating that they have fulfilled their obligations. I need some advice on what to do next. I have email trails and photos, should I send this into the court to get a small claims hearing and what part of the sale of goods act will assist me in this matter.Many thanks
  4. Hi there. I recently moved into a property and the EPC provided by the letting agents advised that the monthly electric bill would be around £30.00. After 1 month we got a bill for £240.00!!! That was based on a reading from when we moved into 1 month later. Our flat is all electric so I had expected it to be higher but not this high. The question I have is that do I have any recourse against the letting agent for providing misleading information?
  5. Hi. I apologise in advance for the long post but I dont know what else to do. Myself and my husband moved into our current rented property in July 2011. The flat is a converted house (3 flats and 1 retail shop) and our flat was a main room and a conservatory (this was used as a bedroom) Everything was going well apart from our landlady always coming round and snooping round the outside of the building (looking through windows etc) which was a tad annoying. We were told that we could not adjust the heating temparature (had to leave it on 18 all of the time) We noticed more when the winter was approaching that the flat was getting very very cold. As the heating was only on for 1 hour am and 1 hour pm, we had to invest in some oil electric heaters. They took the edge off especially since I have to get up for work at 6am and the heating did not come on until 8am! We got a telephone call rom our landlady around Feb 2012 asking if we had changed our electric habits as she had a large bill in (rent includes electric) We stated to her that due to the winter we had to have these heaters. She was not happy about this but what could we do? Freeze in our own home? Even as I write this, I have a couple of layers on. We noticed that the conservatory window was coming away from the walls and noticed a few other defects (alot of damp and black mould creeping up the walls) this mould has also ruined alot of our belongings over the time no matter where we put things. The windows in the conservatory were also warped letting through drafts. When it came to renewing our tenancy this year, we pointed out all of the defects in the flat and asked for these to be repaired. 3 months on, we had no contact from the landlady at all. My husband has major back surgery in August 2012 and has been off work for the last 12 months. Regardless the rent and bills have been paid by me. One day it got to the point that my husband was in so much pain due to the cold that he investigated where the drafts were coming from in the bedroom. He pulled back some of the corner wallpaper and was horrified to see daylight! The conservatory wall was not actually fixed to the rest of the building. It was at this point we took lots of pictures and I called the landlady. I advised her that the problem was getting worse and she needed to get someone out ASAP. She was very uninterested about doing this and asked me to arrange someone to have a look. So I did! A few days later, a conservatory repair specialist came out to have a look at the property and was horrified at the condition. The conservatory was not safe and he recommended that it was replaced as it was beyond repair. I telephoned the landlady (from work where calls were recorded) and advised her of this. She was less than happy with what I was saying to her and almost disbeliving. As she was so non committal on the phone, I felt that I had no other choice but to call my local environmental health department. They were lovely and reassured me that I had done the right thing. Later the same day, the landlady left a message on my home number (where she knew I was not at home) stating that she was coming round with her builder to "see what he says" the tone of the message was not only accusing but very patronising. I arranged to have the time off work to be at the property with my husband and I called the landlady back. When I spoke to her to state that I had arranged the time off, she stated that I did not need to do that and as the property was hers and she would be paying any bill that I should not be concerned. I said that as I rent the property, I would like to be there (and also that I dont trust her as far as I could throw her) she responded with "well thats your choice" I was disgusted with her attiude then reminded her that as the landlady of the property it is her responsibility to maintain the property which she has not done. She then accused me of intimidating her as I was asking for the work to be done. I was not forceful, agressive or rude on the phone to her. (this is why I call her from work as all of the calls are recorded) She said that she was not continung to discuss with me and she put the phone down. It was at this point that we moved our bed (or at least our mattress) into the living room so we now only have 1 room that we can use (even that is freezing) When she arrived with her builder a couple of days later, she did not utter a word to me at all and only spoke to my husband. Her builder agreed that the conservatory needed replacing and had been built incorrectly with incorrect materials also. She did ask him if there was anyway to "just fix it" and he said no there wasnt (smart builder). Environmental health arrived a couple of days after this and looked over the whole property. He was not impressed at the condition and went away to write his report. This came back just before my husband and I went on our belated honeymoon. This report was also forwarded to our landlady. The environmental health report stated that the proerty sufferes from extreme cold, has been split without planning permission, she does not hold correct licences for a house of multiple occupancy (as it is now classed) The fire safety is not in place for other flats and no smoke alarms, the damp & dry rot is all over, the conservatory is unsafe, the heating should be controled by each flat and not set temp or times with other issues too. The landlady has also not held our deposit in a deposit guarantee scheme. When we arrived home yesterday, we were greeted by a nice solicitors letter on behalf of the landlady. She has instructed them to contact us regarding the environmental health report and the repairs. The landlady would like us to terminating the existing lease voulentarrily with some form of compensation. The finanical situation of myself and my husband is that I am the only wage earner, my husband is in receipt of ESA and is not going to be fit to go back to work for at least a further 3-6 months. The coldness is not helping his recovery at all. We cannot afford to move, we cannot afford another deposit, we cannot afford the removals costs either. We have had to send my husbands son back to stay with his mother as it is too cold here for him also and we are on the council waiting list (very low down tho) Sending his son back was heartbreaking for both my husband and I. Although we desperately need to get out of here, we just dont know what to do. If I were to give her the property back, what sort of compensation should I ask for? I have 8 months left on the tenancy @ £545.00 per month. All the other properties in the area are a min rental of £650 per month plus bills. All I can afford each month is £800 inc all bills. I am working all hours just to keep our heads above water (50 hours per week). Any help and/or advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hi. I have had another call today from HFO. They have called a mobile number that is registered to me but my partner has this. They asked for my by first name only and said that I must call them as a matter of urgency. I am getting annoyed with this now and just wondering what lengths they will go to now to contact me. A search has been registered on my credit file from 31/05 (which is the day they called me at work) Is there anything more I can do?
  7. Hahahahaha it would appear that HFO phone monekys do not know that their OFT license has been revoked.Yes they called again and I said do not call me and that they have been reported to the OFT, Trading standards and soon to be the police.The phone monkey has put me on hold whilst he checked the info as he initially asked which consumer forum i got this info from, gladly confirmed this was from OFT and no where else.They were still phising for info about me and I would not give them an inch. Have given them a phone number of 07525 382581 (have a look on a phone keypad to see what that spells for the last 6 numbers)Lets see them try anything now.
  8. All they said on the phone is that they are sure that I am the person who took the debt, I will not give them any info as to my correct DOB or address or even phone number.
  9. Consumer direct reported and reference number in hand now. Next to call the ICO as they advised.
  10. OFT report done and just calling consumer direct now. I am really scared about what they may do now they know where I work.
  11. Hi everyone, just wanted to give you an update. I have had a call today, at my office from HFO services stating that they got my work number from a consented database and they want to know what my name is, my DOB and address. All of which was wrong. They have advised that they feel they are taking to the right person and that they need to discuss something important with me. I said that I can prove the DOB they have for me is incorrect and also that I do not live at the address they have for me. The default came off my credit file 2 years ago now (Jan 2009) and I have not heard a dickybird from them. What do I do now they are harassing me at work and also they did not supply the CCA.
  12. Hi. My partner has finance with Welcome Finance taken through Approved Car Finance, he took the agreement out on a Ford Focus with an original purchase price of £5700.00. Welcome have stated that a £100.00 deposit was paid and part x of £1.00 (although was advised that the part X was for £1000.00) Welcome have added the following amounts: PPI £2019.70 MBI £600.00 GAP £300.00 Acceptance Fee £195.00 Option Fee £100.00 Charge for credit £7699.50 When my partner requested the term to be extended from 48 months to 60 months he was provided with a new agreement removing the PPI, GAP and MBI. In this new agreement Welcome Finance provided the car purchase price of £8053.46! (it would appear that the PPI has been hidden into the purchase price IMO) They have ommited the part X amount and deposit paid. They have listed the following: Acceptance Fee £195.00 Finance charges for goods £2886.94 Option Fee £100.00 Total charge for credit (all above) £3181.94 Welcome called my partner and advsed that he is half way through the agreement and what his intentions were with the car. The settglement figure given was over £6k! Partner has been paying £250.00 per month (with arrears balance of £1k outstanding) The contract states that he can voulentarily terminate the agreement after half of the term which is now. He has now secured a new finance agreement with a newer car. What process will he need to follow to hand the car back and would he be liable for any future payments aside from the arrears? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  13. Do you think it is worth CCA'ing them too? When the account was with BTMK all they could get was an in store application form so as far we are concerned it is not valid.
  14. Ahh I have had numerous dealings with Roxburghe/HFO services. Have a look at my previous posts regarding this. First thing is to check your creit files to see if a default was registered by 3 in 2004. It will be from 3 or HFO services. Dont talk to them on the phone,ever...if they have your number dont answer calls or if you do by accident then dont give any information and just disconnect the call. Write a letter to 3 and ask them what is going on. Hope that is an initial help.
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