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  1. Ive sent everything I had. Ombudsman tell me they can only look at final response from Engage(who currently have my account). I think this will include previous charges though, since my whole account was simply transferred to Engage from GE
  2. I had a final reply from Engage. kindly offered to reduce balance by £80 for 2 months fees charges. I ve sent it to the Ombudsman
  3. Can't seem to upload a document at present. I am working mainly from the "Fees charged statement" sent by Engage. There is additional interest added to my monthly outstanding mortgage so this seems to be interest added to the fees balance. What is my next step please?
  4. Sorry, I'm just a bit thick !! Should I take out all the additional interest items and add in agents fees.? What then? Yes Annual rate is 2.99% Any idea what reactive fee due(LRO) means?
  5. Thanks for looking DX. I added the interest rate at the top of the paperwork received from Engage. They have added additional interest to my fees balance every mnoth. This is what has made it so high. I'm just a bit confused at present
  6. Does this look ok? Why have all this additional interest been charged? Ive not claimed for solicitor fees or Field agent visits. Is that correct? What next? CISheet v101.xls
  7. I have all my previous statements anyway. The details from Engage seem clearer since they only relate to charges applied to the fees balance
  8. My mortgage was with GE Money before it was sold to Engage . I've worked hard to reduce £25k arrears to less than £10k. I have a fees balance of £16k. I would obviously like to reduce this as much as possible. The current mortgage company have sent me a list of charges incurred. What can I reclaim? There are a number of £40 admin fees, recalled DD charges and a great deal of additional interest added. I thought interest shouldn't be charged on charges. What is my next step?
  9. Many thanks. I've had yet another letter to request payment. I'll ignore meantime
  10. Earlier in the year it was Shoosmiths who pursued this through the court and subsequently sisted it. The letter I have received today is from Ascent Legal. Says they've been appointed by Cabot and I should no longer contact Cabot(like I was going to!!!) Question is .... ignore and let them find all this for themselves or simply restate my position>
  11. In a way, I would like to see a Sheriff's opinion. This debt has been last paid in November 2009, sold to Cabot and has no second charge on property. Absolutely no longer a secured loan!!
  12. The new solicitor now tells me that my debt is not statute barred since it is a contract under seal!!!!!!!!. They seem to have failed to notice that court has already sisted. I will completely ignore them but just wanted to see if anyone had an opinion
  13. 6-7 years ago, I had a problem with bills and had to have a prepayment meter fitted for Gsa and Electricity. I am now in a completely stable financial position and would like to get a better deal for my power. However Scottish power have done a credit check and asked for a deposit of £150 which I am not willing to pay. My CRB is not brilliant but there is only a couple of SBd accounts on it. I have had no difficulties with mobile contracts, with Sky or other minor checks. I really dont want to engage in this deposit thing but I still want to save money on my bills. Any suggestions
  14. I've had a letter from Cabot, informing me that a new solicitor is going to assist me with this account. I don't need to do anything- just wait for them to write to me within 7 days. I think the bet plan is to ignore but I would welcome any views
  15. thanks for all the help and advice. If they don't contact me I wont contact them.
  16. You should be aware that the period for recovering your debt by court action has very recently expired, so we will not be issuing court proceedings to enforce payment. However, your debt still exists and legally we are within our rights to continue to ask you for repayment. As you have made it clear you will not be making payments towards this account, I have passed this account onto the relevant department who will close this for you This is the response I have now received. Its not really worth entering into any further communication is it?
  17. Yes I sent the Scottish letter and I sent it because Lowell attempts to get a payment were becoming annoying
  18. Lowell's response to the SB letter I sent is that the last payment received was in September 2010 and they are still entitled to request payment. I am and have always been in Scotland, so 5 years applies. I have replied stating that my final response is that they have admitted that it is SB and asking for their confirmation. Is that ok?
  19. 1st Credit definitely do take on payday loans. They have been trying to collect an old Cash Euronet loan from me which will be SB in 2 weeks. Hoorah!!!! They are relentless on their contact efforts
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