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  1. Hi and is it really over a year since I last posted anything here?? Well time has gone on and I am shortly to be made redundant after 42, yes 42, years at work. Funny but it is good news and has done me a favour as I will be able to settle CCCS debt and also look at getting the millstone mortgages off my back - then I can sit back and enjoy life with the better half. I really found the CAG Forum helpful and must pass on my thanks to all those who went before me and supplied the template letters, etc. that has been so supportive. I look forward to the success we all deserve when the Banks are forced to cough up all those unfair charges - bit more for the retirement fund when it arrives. All the best and I will only post here if somethings goes pear shaped... LOL Bob & Jules :grin:
  2. Hi viewers, Thought it time to post another note - just to update. Didn't go to get stay removed (not elligable). Now, like many other CAGGERS, are awaiting final decision by Court - when it arrives (ho-hum). Suggestion: Let's start a post on what we think the outcome from the Court will be and the reuslt could be sent to our earstwhile politicians - you know those poor harddoneby folks who are meant to represent us and at the same time make excessive use of expenses... can I see some blue flashing lights going towards some MPs houses? Happy summer to all and will return later:lol: B&J
  3. Well guess what - got Stayed under Judges discretion and sent letter of complaint. Then received letter from court acknowledging my complaint plus form N244 and instruction to send £75 with completed N244 ... as if I have this money laying around!! There was also a veiled threat that the judge could rule for defendant and that I would have to pay their costs... Looks like I am going to have along wait for my money - oh well just join all the othr Consumers who have been shafted by their banks and the so called justice system - bring on democracy. I hope all Forum Members are OK and bearing up both financially and personally - will keep in touch as and when. Bob&Jules
  4. Hi happynerd, Saw that you have a court case stopped until after OFT vs Banks in High Court. Have been trawling the web and found another helpful forum Penalty Charges UK - Fighting your Corner for FREE where the forum link Penalty Charges Forum may help w.r.t. the stay. You may have to register to use the forum, as with CAG it is free. Good luck. bob&jules
  5. Hi all, Another update - just to track the steps taken. Went to Court on 16th August and filed N1 form plus the following after shelling out £250 (added to claim): Annex A Particulars of Claim (staement of fact) Annex B Schedule 1 (extracts of T&C's for FD from one of their archive web sites) Annex C Schedule 2 (print out of claim spreadsheet plus interest) I ignored a statement in FD letter following my LBA saying they would apply for a Stay. Notice of Issue from Court deemed served on FD on 18th August with cut-off date of 3rd September. I will now research how to get the Stay annulled and proceed as I don't want to wait until High Court decides OFT vs Banks as this could be 2 years away. If I don't find anything within this web site will look at Penalty Charges UK - Fighting your Corner for FREE. Will post another update when time is right. bob&jules
  6. Here's the latest update: FD sent letter on 3rd Aug and its abbreviated version is - FD disagreeing with LBA and advising me of OFT action, also advised me that my complaint has been registered and should I issue a claim in the Courts they will apply for an order of stay until OFT vs 8 Banks has been decided, wonder of wonders letter was actually signed as I can see the ink, not a photocopy! LBA time limit expires on 10th August so will be going to the local court on Monday to lodge N1 claim to ensure that I am in the queue for when the flood gates open . (Can't make 10th as I away on business). Here's hoping bob&jules
  7. Thanks Tiffla and plasticpaddy for the support, much appreciated. Have now sent LBA by recorded delivery and will continue with small claims court application after 14 days - even though the OFT and major banks have gone to the High Court - better to get in the queue now for when the flood gates open... The templates set up by CaG are brilliant - thanks for setting these up. bob&jules8)
  8. Hi all FD Customers (sic or is it sick!), Have had a look at this site and found lots of useful info. Wrote Data Protection Act letter on 2nd July and attached £10.00. FD replied on 4th July saying that copies of 6 years worth of statements will follow and that all would be free of charge (1st winner in saving a tenner). Received copy statements and was amazed that illegal charges for the 6 years amounted to £4148... WOW. Wrote Request for Repayment of Charges on 3rd July and enclosed schedule of charges (plus interest) for FD to consider. They wrote on 16th July (stock letter with photocopied signature) where they disagreed with my contention re: charges. Instead they asked me to contact Robert Kernaghan, Customer Relations Manager - as if I am going down their route!! Get Real. Now awaiting 14 days before sending LBA with revised interest figure and will then see what happens. Quite laid back at present and will keep you posted. Not as confused as signature might imply.
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