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  1. Following on from this thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487703-Changing-a-Power-of-Attorney&p=5139451&viewfull=1#post5139451 Helping Mum deal with husband's finances, she has POA. There was a standing order for £15 pm going to Capquest, no reference recorded and no correspondence received for at least 4 years. Capquest can't trace an account or any payments received (I gave the a/c no and sort code of the originating bank). There's no record of any account with Capquest on CRA files. Other than asking the originating bank how far back the SO goes and if there was ever any reference associated with it, any suggestions? If Capquest can't trace an account, I think they should be refunding.
  2. Barclaycard have accepted a copy of the search from the OPG site (or they may have repeated it themselves, it's free, can be done by email and took 2 days). There are two accounts apparently - we only knew about 1 - and all they've provided is balances even though we asked for statements etc. Orange/EE have not responded further or written to the account holder even though we cancelled the DD two months ago now, they're just reporting late payments to the credit reference agencies. Presumably they will write eventually. Capquest have been unable to trace any account in that name at either the previous or the current address. We've cancelled the SO, but Capquest also say they can't trace receiving any payments so they can't give any money back. I may need help with this one, so I'll start a new thread and leave a link here. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?489140-Capquest-can-t-trace-account-won-t-repay-payments&p=5139454&viewfull=1#post5139454
  3. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?434191-Poor-training-or-idiocy-**-Resolved-**
  4. If you have a read of some of the reviews on Tripadvisor, practically every single one which mentions disability or wheelchair is a complaint, though to be fair we've had some excellent treatment on other ferries in the fleet, going so far as to park us by the lift I requested simply because it made it easier to get to our cabin. At the moment, we use the St Malo crossing for our outward journey because we're on board by 8pm so can have dinner onboard and relax in the bar before bed, and we don't have to get up until 7 the next morning. We've then got all day to get to our destination at a relatively leisurely pace. The return journey is always from Caen (there isn't an overnight crossing from St Malo) but the time difference works in our favour that way, if we used that crossing on the way out we'd get a maximum of 5 hours sleep which is simply not enough, and if we use a daytime crossing we end up having to stay in an hotel in France to break the journey. That said, I've changed our next outward crossing to the Poole-Cherbourg service, which though it's more convenient for us than Portsmouth, we don't usually use because the ferry leaves at 8.30 am which effectively means I have to be up by 4.30am at the latest. It also makes the journey in France 90 minutes longer, and since we don't arrive until 1.45pm we cannot do it in one day so the £30 we save on the crossing is more than made up for by paying for an hotel, and it's still going to be a very long day and it's not something I will be able to do regularly. I asked Brittany to phone me to sort out our next crossing as you can't change disabled bookings online and I'm not phoning an 0871 number from France, they haven't bothered.
  5. This issue has raised it's head again after almost exactly 12 months of trouble free crossings - or almost, anyway. I've upgraded to a powered wheelchair which is physically incapable of getting to the troublesome lift, and until our last crossing at the weekend all I had to do was remind the booking staff, check that the information had been passed on to the check-in staff (it always has been) and then when boarding hubby waits in the approximate place we need to be parked until someone notices, argue a bit, wait for someone bilingual to arrive, explain the issue to them, end of problem. By coincidence, the last time we did this I did mention it to customer services as the arguing bit does get a bit tedious and they gave me a detailed explanation in French to show to the loading staff to hopefully speed things up. On top of that, to make it easier for the loading staff to identify precisely which vehicle they need to park by the accessible lift, we've acquired a bright green 'electric wheelchair' sticker to place directly below Brittany's usual wheelchair sticker. Fast forward to last Sunday and yes, booking staff are aware, yes, check-in staff are aware. Wheelchair stickers go on and we queue with everyone else. As we're going up the ramp I comment to hubby that even though we've apparently sorted the issues out, boarding is still stressful. We drive round to where we usually stop and the loading staff appear to indicate that our position is fine and I am suitably amazed that the bright green sticker thing did such a good job of identifying us AND for once the loading staff seem to know where we must be parked. How wrong I was - without going into too much detail, I was insulted by the loading crew and ended up with the car parked in an area totally inaccessible to me so that we would have to wait for everything else to be unloaded before hubby could drive all the way back round to the lift I could use to pick me up when we arrived. Unfortunately, we were too busy arguing to think about filming, and I suspect that if we had, we'd have been kicked off the boat completely. Furious doesn't come close. I can't sue them for discrimination under the Equality Act, I'm sick to death of complaining and nothing changing so the only thing left is to vote with my feet and put up with the extra expense and journey time, unless someone has another idea?
  6. Also overdue, by about 3 days so not chased yet.
  7. It is ATOS own rule about only changing appointments once and it has no basis in law. I'm fairly sure it's already been challenged at a tribunal but I don't have time to go looking for it right now. This will not affect his current claim and there's plenty of time to get it sorted before the renewal date so I would just let ATOS/DWP get on with it for now. There is a chance that when someone is allocated to actually do the assessment they will decide that it's a waste of their time (they can do 4 assessments at a centre in the time it takes to do one at home) and there's enough info to do a proper paper assessment. What ATOS and DWP never tell you is that for someone with serious mental health issues a face to face assessment should be a last resort not the default option it usually is.
  8. I am extremely reluctant to use any train that is driver only because booked assistance so often fails to turn up. When I had to use London Overground earlier this year, on a train with no guard and going to an unmanned station, I actually researched which was the next station that was manned and where I could (hopefully) get off and demand that they pay my taxi fare back to where I wanted to be. Luckily, it all went smoothly that time but I doubt I'll ever be confident in that situation and it is reflected in which journeys I am prepared to attempt. As for the Underground - never!
  9. This is good news. Whilst I've never personally experienced someone who doesn't need it refusing to give up a wheelchair space, I know that it does happen and quite often the bus driver, sometimes under pressure from other passengers to continue the journey as quickly as possible, is apparently unable to do anything about it. My biggest issue is often actually getting on to the bus - the sinking feeling when you see someone else in a wheelchair already queuing and you know there's only one space on this hourly service and the often protracted manoeuvres to get into the space once on the bus, plus the sighs of other passengers at the time involved in the driver putting the ramp out and then putting it away again before he can carry on. However the railways shouldn't feel complacent. Only last week I held the train up for more than 10 minutes whilst station staff attempted to get me on board, involving at least 30 people having to get off the vastly over-crowded service and a lot of luggage being temporarily relocated to the toilet just so I could reach the space, and even then the guard ended up physically lifting the back of my chair into place because there simply wasn't enough room to manoeuvre without removing more passengers and luggage. Of course there was one person who seemed to blame me personally for the inconvenience though most simply blamed 'Chris Failing' to quote the guard. I think everyone in charge of public transport should be made to do at least one journey in a wheelchair just to experience how difficult it can be.
  10. I finally got a letter acknowledging my application, dated 10 days later. They've said I should have my information by the 31st day after I applied.
  11. Orange/EE are asking for a copy of the original LPA application with each page signed and dated as being a true copy, and with a signed statement from Dad (even though they know he lacks capacity) that it is a true copy and represents his wishes. It all seems totally over the top, so I've told Mum to cancel the DD at which point they'll probably write with the information I asked for anyway. What would normally be accepted as proof of Power of Attorney? I sent a copy of the document confirming the LPA is registered and that Mum is the only attorney.
  12. A template letter is unlikely to be appropriate anyway. It's probably best if you write in your own words why you are complaining. Keep it factual and simple. If you would like a second opinion, post your draft on here minus any identifying information and I'll be happy to look at it for you. It's a while back now but I had to fight tooth and nail to get a home assessment and ATOS took 2 years and 11 cancelled appointments to get there so I do understand what you're going through, and if your GP says you need a home visit, then that is what you should get. Home assessments can also be recorded.
  13. Unfortunately costs in small claims are limited to £50 plus time spent at the actual hearing. Whilst frustrating, this is so that people aren't put off using the Courts because of the risks of paying the other parties costs, which are often completely disproportionate to the amount of the claim. I appreciate that someone who is self-employed often works very long hours, but most people would have been able to deal with the paperwork around their work commitments. The only chance would have been if you could prove that the claimant's behaviour was unreasonable from the outset, but that is a very high bar to cross and the fact that they lost is nowhere near enough. It may be small consolation, but at least you did win.
  14. In my assessment, after the usual list of conditions, prescriptions etc bit, the assessor went straight to one of the later criteria where she expected me to score 15 points and once she'd confirmed that, it was done. I suppose there's no point dragging it out and wasting their own time if it's cut and dried - the more assessments they do each day the more they get paid apparently.
  15. I've still not heard anything so you've got a quicker reply than me.
  16. Was this a small claim? If so, the amount that can be claimed for expenses is extremely limited. I'm also finding it a little difficult to work out how it could have cost you £1200 to defend unless you instructed a solicitor.
  17. I would also particularly focus on the condition as being totally unsuitable for a baby who is likely to be particularly vulnerable for some time.
  18. I don't want to raise false hopes, but I believe that such a short assessment is usual where it's clear fairly quickly that the support group criteria apply. Fingers crossed for you both.
  19. I'm trying to get everyone to talk to me on that basis, sent all the letters this morning with copy PoA and copy authority, so fingers crossed. Most of the payments for which we have no information are standing orders to the likes of Capquest, but with no reference number quoted, so presumably they're either tracing the correct account to credit by means of the name and address or they're just sticking it in a general account and waiting for someone to get in touch about it. Either way, apart from one credit card which has only a very small balance, Dad has definitely not received any correspondence from any of these people for at least 18 months. There's also an Orange account, presumably for a mobile phone, at £38 a month, only Dad doesn't have a mobile and couldn't use one if he did. He last had a mobile at least 3 years ago. Obviously it's not Orange/EE's fault if the contract has never been cancelled, but you'd have thought they'd query an account that hasn't been used at all for that long. I'm hoping I'll be able to get some of the money back, but I'd settle for cancelling the contract with no notice required.
  20. Mum has Power of Attorney for her husband who has Parkinsons and lewy body dementia. Whilst she's managing the day to day stuff, she is really struggling to cope with finances, not least because she's caring full time and doesn't get 5 minutes to herself most days. She's asked me for help with sorting out Dad's bank account as there's lots of payments going out every month that she knows nothing about. Spent a day yesterday going through all the paperwork she has (she saves everything, but Dad went through a phase of throwing everything away without opening it just before he was diagnosed) and I've brought home everything I think is relevant, but dealing with it all is not going to be simple - for lots of things all I have to go on is a name, not even a reference - and though I have a copy of the PoA and signed authority from Mum, I don't think the banks etc are going to want to talk to me. It would be a lot simpler if Mum could add me to the Power of Attorney, but from what's on the OPG site we don't think this is possible. Does anyone know of a way around this?
  21. I've just done a request using their form, I'll let you know when/what arrives.
  22. Remind them when you arrive that you have a deadline, and remind them again at 1 minute past your appointment time and again half an hour before your daughter has to leave. If you're still there when your daughter has to leave, then tell them their time is up and go with her - it's not your fault if they've been given plenty of warning.
  23. On my next form, I'm planning to sellotape a piece of paper over my name and address, list of conditions and anything else I think they will probably read saying that if they mess up and send me to a 3rd floor assessment centre 40 miles away with no accessible bus service and no parking again I will sue each and every one of them personally. I'm hoping this means that if they decide I need a face-to-face again it will go straight in the 'home visit' pile and, when they find one willing to be recorded, the doctor allocated will read it properly the day before the appointment and decide that no visit is actually needed. Again. If only they would get the degenerative and incurable thing, we wouldn't keep having to go through this.
  24. I thought you could only claim daily living component outside the UK, not the mobility component?
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