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  1. Like many people with permanent disability and untreatable conditions, I no longer see any specialists and often only see my GP once a year for my annual review. However, as it took 10 minutes to put me in the support group last time and the condition which I got points for cannot improve without a miracle, I've got my fingers crossed about the assessment but I'm not holding my breath. Anyone with any sense wouldn't have bothered insisting on an assessment for PIP either, but they did until I made them agree to a home assessment, after which they decided I didn't need a face to face at all. I am slightly concerned that Maximus insist that if you can get to your GP's surgery, you can get to an assessment centre when my surgery is 300m away but their nearest assessment centre would involve a train and a bus that only runs once an hour and only has one wheelchair space. There's also a major difference between visiting a GP, whom you know well, and going to an assessment which could halve your income. I didn't sleep last night. My brain knows that logically I will stay in the support group even if we have to go to a tribunal to get there, but it's not my brain in charge at the moment. Maximus have replied already, with a copy and paste job from their website. Does anyone know what DWP's rules are for them providing home assessments - I know what Maximus' rules are - I have to pay for my GP to write them a letter to confirm that I'm not lying about the wheelchair.
  2. I emailed a query to the 'new' assessment provider for ESA. The auto response is from the same address that ATOS used.
  3. Hi all, So after being left alone for more than 4 years despite their view that I'd be fully recovered from my genetic condition in 2 years, the dreaded envelope finally landed on the doormat this morninng. Absolutely perfect timing as it's been hanging around in the ether for 6 days so I basically have 3 weeks to return it with a family reunion event this weekend, my son's wedding the following weekend previewed by various family members arriving and wanting entertaining and followed by a 2 week holiday - we get back 2 days after the form is supposed to be in, and whilst we're away the renewal form for my PIP should arrive. For various reasons, it would normally take me 4-6 weeks to get a form like this done, and DWP know but haven't bothered to tell whatever the tossers are called now that I need an electronic version of the form, though I'm sure I'll be able to locate one online somewhere. I know I'm not going to starve if we end up in a fight over this so I'm much better off than most ESA claimants, but even so I feel sick and I'm shaking. After the last fiasco with ESA then the repeat with PIP, I feel I have every right to be scared about what this will do to me this time. For anyone interested, my previous ESA thread is here :- https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?337937-IB-to-ESA-migration/page16 and the PIP thread is here :- https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452510-Blatant-discrimination-by-DWP-RENEWED-FOR-3-YEARS
  4. It would be best if you or your parents draft something and post it for comments - you know best what happened etc. To give you a start, I'd suggest you first set out what happened prior to the auction, including that they knew you were under age but did not seek permission from your parents so should not have allowed you to have an account. Then state that you are a minor so no valid contract was formed, you will not be paying them and will not enter into further correspondence. Obviously it will need a bit more than that, but if you draft something as a starting point, we can help some more.
  5. They would have wasted quite a lot of money as 1. they can't sue someone under 18 and 2. they shouldn't have let you bid when they knew you were under 18 so 3. if you defend a court claim, they won't win and 4. even if they did, they can't get money from you that you don't have, nor can they get it from your parents. I think the best way forward might be to ask one of your parents to come on here, read what's written and ask any further questions they might have so that they can write to this company/solicitor on your behalf. Bear in mind that just because they say they've copied something to a solicitor, it doesn't mean that they have. If you think you can cope with writing yourself, have a go and post it here so we can help you refine it.
  6. Your insurance policy almost certainly requires that you notify them of any incident which might give rise to a claim, regardless of fault, so you really must tell them. You are not obliged to claim from your own insurers, but it may be easier to let them deal with it. When the claim is fully settled by the other insurers, it should have no effect on your no claims, but insurers almost invariably increase their premiums for anyone who has made a claim, even where it is non-fault. You will have to shop around when your renewal is due. One note of caution - my step-son was recently caught out following a similar incident when his insurers referred him to an accident claims company who let him believe he could have a premium model hire car indefinitely whilst his claim was sorted out - not surprisingly, the other insurers have refused to pay for it. You are obliged to keep your claim against the other party to an absolute minimimum, so if you need to hire a car it should be the cheapest you can find which will do the job and for the minimum amount of time necessary to repair/replace your own car. On the bright side, at least they left a note. Have you got his name and address, vehicle reg and insurance details? If not, ring back and ask for them as your insurers will need them.
  7. So my free caller ID option ends on 1st October. I can renew my line rental before 1st October to get it for free for another year. After 1st October it's free for everyone so I'd get it free anyway, otherwise I'll start paying £1.75 a month from 1st October until the 1st October, so basically, nothing. Clearly a template email inappropriately used. And yes, we do still deal with BT. Apart from the silly issue over renewing things that are free, we've never had a problem with them, unlike every single one of our previous providers.
  8. Received an email from BT 'At the moment, you've got Privacy with Caller Display on a free offer for 12 months*. But just to remind you, this offer is ending on 01/10/2018. Don't worry, you can easily keep it free by renewing your line rental. If you're doing that before 1 October 2018, take a look below for how to do that. But after that date, it's free for everyone, so you won't need to do anything to get it free. Otherwise you'll start paying the usual £1.75 a month for it until 1 October 2018.' Plain English award?
  9. Many people are going to wonder why you bid for a vehicle you cannot pay for, and why you think the auctioneer should be out of pocket because of your actions. That said, you cannot be taken to court until you are 18, and as your parents were not involved in any way, they cannot be sued directly either. As they could not have know about condition no 4, it's an unfair term and is unlikely to be enforceable. I doubt a vehicle this expensive would be considered 'necessary' so I don't think you have formed a valid contract, however the auctioneer is not likely to just forget about this. At the very least you are going to be involved in a long battle. I suggest you inform your parents immediately.
  10. Thanks for this, I've emailed them. Having had a look at their website, I don't think they'll be able to help in the short term, but it's worth a try. I've just booked our next batch of crossings and the problem ship must be going for repairs or something as there's a replacement on that route for the early part of next year so we've actually got until May to find a solution.
  11. Thanks for that, HB, I've contacted them about this issue and also mentioned the lack of additional support for disabled airline passengers where their flight is delayed or cancelled. I assume it's ok to post a link to the organisation campaigning https://www.disabilityjustice.org.uk
  12. This is why we have approached the issue as a breach of the EU regs - Brittany Ferries have to respond, if they don't resolve it I can take the complaint to ABTA and ultimately to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. As the issue has now been going on for over two years (our first complaint was June 2016!) I think we've demonstrated every possible effort to resolve it with the ferry company so I would be within my rights to escalate it immediately, however the more I thought about it last night, the more I realised the senior Customer Service person allegedly dealing with my complaint hadn't actually read any of the information I sent, only my tripadviser review so this morning I emailed to ask if he'd seen my email and, suprise surprise, he hadn't. I've resent it, with enclosures which provide all the detail, and a heavy hint that he might want to review his response.
  13. Finally had a response to my complaint, which I approached as being in breach of EU regs requiring them to carry disabled passengers because making my journey depend upon the outcome of an argument with boarding staff every time amounts to effectively preventing me from travelling on that route. The response basically amounts to tough, but is written in such a way that it's obvious the author couldn't be bothered to read what I sent or even research how often we travel. I think that might amount to the definition of adding insult to injury. I've actually disabled the send button on my email account in case I'm tempted to reply this evening because if I did, I'd be giving Brittany Ferrys the perfect excuse to refuse to carry me ever again.
  14. A helpful chap at DVLA advised me to change my name on my passport first as once that's done, DVLA use your passport as proof of your name. Other than driving licence and passport, I don't think I needed to provide proof to anyone else - utilities etc just accepted me reverting to my maiden name, though i seem to remember one asked for a marriage certificate, which of course you give up when you get divorced ...
  15. The sim card doesn't show any phone number, managed to find a charger that fits and turn the phone on, it's none of the numbers EE provided. EE are simply being obstructive - they've effectively refused to provide any documentation and have ignored any and all evidence that it might not be his account (including that it's set up from a different address), they simply keep repeating that until I tell them to cancel, they'll keep charging line rental though until I accept the account is Mum's partners, they won't accept a cancellation ....
  16. Maybe the DWP's crystal ball has failed so they're hoping someone else has one ...
  17. Has this always happened or is it a recent innovation as my son has just had a letter asking for details of the wages he will get at the end of September?
  18. Mum's partner can no longer use a mobile phone. He has however been paying EE over £40 a month since 2006. EE initially couldn't trace any account in his name despite giving them bank details etc, but then did find it when I said OK, give us the money back then .... They've ignored all requests for documentation so far, have known for 4 months that alleged account holder has a Power of Attorney in place, but have apparently set the debt collectors on him anyway. He's not received any correspondence from EE or the debt collector. EE have provided some numbers associated with the account, none of which match his last number, which he would have last used at least 3 years ago. He does still have the phone and it has a Sim card in it, but heaven only knows where the charger is. One of the numbers EE provided apparently has recent regular usage, data as well as calls and texts. I can just about believe he might have, accidentally or otherwise, made a call, but sent a text or used data? No chance. Other than repeating the request for documentation, any other suggestions?
  19. For information, anyone can search the Office of the Public Guardian register https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/search-public-guardian-registers and get a certificate confirming all the information anyone might need. As I said above, it's free and took 2 days to receive via email. If the organisation involved won't accept a copy of the certificate, they can search themselves - a lot less hassle than getting the application copied and certified. At least one organisation caved in and accepted my copy of the certificate as proof of Power of Attorney when I threatend to go to the ICO to get a ruling as to whether insisting on a copy of the application was a breach of data protection since it includes a lot of information which they have no need to see.
  20. I'm not sure that you're entitled to that information, and you're not likely to obtain it via court action. Under the Equality Act, you can ask for a declaration that discrimination has ocurred and/or damages - if you don't want either of those things, then legal action is not appropriate. If you do want to issue proceedings, I can help you draft your letter before claim and the Particulars of Claim. I've never actually had to go to Court - not many companies will risk the publicity - and nor do I have any legal training, but I do have some personal experience in this area.
  21. Unlikely to be relevant, but it won't hurt to tell them if it makes you more comfortable.
  22. What outcome do you want from this? Change of policy? Compensation? What have you asked for in your correspondence?
  23. https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmworpen/829/82910.htm#_idTextAnchor054 Everyone except DWP has been making each of these points from the outset, shame it's taken Parliament 10 years to catch up.
  24. Despite a declared income of less than 20K, Amex have just given me a new card with a limit of over £6K. Also have a barclaycard with a 7.5K limit, though it's paid in full every month without fail. Whilst my credit file is squeaky clean and I know I'm not going anywhere near those limits, I do wonder about the wisdom of basically allowing me credit of more than half my income.
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