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  1. I know the pitfalls, I must say I'd be surprised if natwest offer any more than the claim amount pre-action. We just need to know what their reaction is if you try and negotiate any interest on top pre-action. I'm sure the matter will become clearer soon...
  2. It will be very interesting to see if they are prepared to raise their offer pre-action, or whether they just offer the full amount and absolutely refuse to pay a penny interest... That's why I'm waiting to see what response Bicester has had to his letter...
  3. Bicester do you have any further news for us? Has anybody else succeeded in recovering the full amount plus any interest pre-action?
  4. Any news from Natwest yet Bicester? Have they responded on your counter offer?
  5. Bicester it would be really helpful if you'd update us with what Natwest's reply is to your letter, as and when received...
  6. Hi steve I've read the post and imho it wouldn't make any difference. You can't sign your rights away going forward because the penalty clause, genuine pre-estimate of loss etc principles of law remain. Of course the sting in the tail could be them closing your account and terminating their banking services contract with you, which is why you'd be well advised to have a current account with another financial institution already opened before you commence any action
  7. I'll have to check and get back to you - why do you ask?
  8. Thought it would be useful to start a thread. Sent my SAR and received the statements within the time frame. Sent LBA with 28 day deadline and they replied just before the deadline offering full amount without interest. I claimed contractual interest. I have the following options: 1. Write back to them without prejudice stating that they have not addressed the question of interest, the offer is therefore not acceptable on this basis and could they please refund the full amount with interest within say 7 days, failing which we go to court. 2. Amend the figure on the acceptance form an
  9. I'm still deliberating whether to accept or make a counter offer...not desperate for money. Another £845 in contractual interest is worth holding out for. I may even sign the acceptance form but change the figure on there to somewhere in between. I think other posters have done this with other institutions (altering the offer figure) and the changed figure has still been paid. I'll be watching this board with interest in the coming days and will keep you posted.
  10. I have received an offer in response to my LBA for the full amount excluding interest. Has anyone rejected and successfully claimed interest on top with Natwest?
  11. If you call up to report your card lost or stolen they will allocate you a new number. Perhaps this explains it?
  12. I sent my letter by recorded delivery to Barclaycard House in Northampton on 1 December yet still no record of it having arrived. Anyone else had this problem? I'm concerned that it has bounced back and that it will be returned to sender...
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