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  1. Lombard direct (used to issue cards, loans etc) and Lombard Asset Finance are both RBS group companies, not heard of Tricity though.
  2. No link at all, Lombard = RBS Group.
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments, we'll look to get in touch with ACAS and see what they have to say. My partner's eyesight is as a result of an ongoing thyroid condition that effects her eyesight, not as a normal degeneration of eyesight. Her employers were made aware of this when she joined and this is documented. The employer are still refusing to give any reason for dismissal or provide us with a copy of the 'dismissal hearing' (or 'catch up as it was called at the time!) minutes. As a contract worker I believe that the law allows her the same rights as a permanent worker
  4. My partner has been dismissed from her job today but no reason why was given, let alone any indication that this may be the case. She was on a 6 month temporary contract and her manager has commented constantly with regards to her eyesight. She wears glasses but was waiting for a new pair to come from the opticians when these comments were made. Other employees have commented on how her manager has it in for her and about the comments made regarding her eyesight. In her dismissal hearing (no notice was given or opportunity to have a witness of her choosing present), an unsubstanti
  5. You need to ask your bank to process a 'Direct Debit indemnity claim' on the grounds that you dispute having given authority for the DD to be taken. The DD guarantee scheme means that they will have to refund you the payments.
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