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  1. Thanks very much....... The advice and information here was v.useful in making me feel more at ease with the process. Now bring on the Yorkshire bank!!!!!!!!! Winnie2007
  2. This is my second visit to the CAG and i am a very happy man.... The Halifax have just paid me £2448.17 after acknowledging my claim on Thursday just gone. The amount paid was only £80 shy of what i should have had, so i won't be complaining. The money is already in my account!!! I hope this helps spur you all on. Many thanks Winnie2007
  3. Hello to the community!!! After just finding out that my bank (Halifax PLC) have acknowledged my claim i though it would be wise to seek guidance and support This has led me to discover the consumer action group and may i say how pleased i am to have found you! So, once again, "Hello all". Just to give you a bit of background, after writing to the bank for my charges, i have issued a claim via 'HMCS - Money claim online' to reclaim my charges, which was issued on 11/06/07 and i have just realised that the bank have acknowledged my calim. So here i am, slightly nervous of what to expect and looking for some advice. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Winnie2007
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