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  1. Nightmare, please elucidate this for me...you say that the landlord is sued not the agent. However if the contract is signed and given over by the agent and NOT the landlord,surely it is the agent in responsibility NOT the owner of the property
  2. This is a question for Nightmare....Would Hanbanhansa be able to serve an English court writ abroad? Don't think so some how, but in light of all this new European Legislation?
  3. Hello Nightmare, your advice is sound.Castor,DO NO BE INTIMIDATED,I know you don't like the stress,no-one does, that is EXACTLY how these people manage to screw more money from us. Accept the money he gives you, get a receipt, have a witness to co-sign the receipt, and after you pocketed the money, tell him you are going to file a small claim against him..ON NO ACCOUNT give him your new address. Kind regards....
  4. Hello rdox, just enlighten me... you signed a contract with the agent? Yes? If as you say you signed another 6 month contract with the agent in 2006 your point of contact is with the agent office and absolutely nothing to do with the person who owns the building..Let me state this clear. YOUR CONTRACT IS WITH THE AGENT.THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY HAS NO SAY...until the contract ends in..guess what?December!!!! 6 month contract from July till....December. The fact that you accommOdated viewings has nothing to do with the contract.YOU facilitated the viewings.NO ONE HELD YOU DOWN. As for the c
  5. The tenancy agreement(for both of you )is with the landlord. Under the Tenancy agreement did you agree to share with 1 or 2 people? No. You did not.Did you agree to pay part share of this persons expenses? No. You did not. Take HER to small claims court for your EXTRA expenses. Think about it.Would you allow me to come and live in your home without paying my expenses? Course you wouldn't. Sue her.!! The mere threat might jig her into a settlement.
  6. Sorry about this Silver but your gorgeous puppy gives me migraine so I don't get full benefit of your experience. xxx
  7. I just love your sense of humour.
  8. Hey Petcat. what is Reef? Do tell.
  9. Well done Petcat! Looks like you have evrything in hand.Do not allow them to fob you off.Stand up for your human rights. It adds unwelcome stress to your life,but you know, you will come out of this a stronger person (believe me.I know.) GO GIRL. Everyone on the forum is with you..
  10. Change your bank at once. Then negotiate with the old bank. Do it today. Pay no more money in until you have opened a new account at another bank. These people are taking advantage of your medical condition.Contact your local MP. I wish you well(in all sense of the words!)
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