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  1. I beat them in 2008. I wrote letters to them stating I cancelled the course and if they want the money they must take me to court. they wrote back a few times they also send letters from there numerous solicitors. I wort back to there solicitors stating this case is admin and if they want money they will have to take me to court. i report them to ombudsman, in the end they wrote backing saying they are sorry and the case is now close i also send them links to some information i found about there company founder who was Jailed for [causing problems] some old folks with similar [problem] all i can say is find all the junk you can find on them on the web, then write to them and state web links so they know what you are about. report them to umbudsman. and state it that they will not get a cent form you. if they want it tell them to take you court. good luck
  2. Hello some one was accuse of shoplifting. The person told guards it was a mistake. No police was called. He now gets a letter to pay £110 in 21 days Can the police get involve? its now over 3 weeks since the incident.
  3. sorry to jack your thread. i am in the same bout . i requested a copy of the terms condition that i signed and they send me one that is totally different. and it has no baring of my signature . i want to take these people to court and need some good info that i can use on them in court. and i would be grateful if you guys write to bbc ,the telegraph and any other news parties . about these thieves regards
  4. any info on this as i have a mate who is in the same boat
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