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  1. Thanks guys, the car park is a free, no charge has ever been made to park there. another point, probably not a legal challenge, but the surgery is actually the one the the GF uses and is registered with, so she is actually one of their patients.
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. You've reaffirmed for me what i already thought; that these guys are just another bunch of robbing gits. I took some photos an hour or so after the ticket was issued, you can see these here: http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa131/ipanter/100_0645.jpg http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa131/ipanter/100_0640.jpg http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa131/ipanter/100_0638.jpg http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa131/ipanter/100_0636.jpg http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa131/ipanter/100_0634.jpg You can see that the paper A4 warning signs have run in the rain, and don't state the penaly, not to mention being unclear. You can also see the 'official' sign in close up 100_0640 , and you should also be able to see where it is placed in the car park (above a white door half way down the building on the left.) in the photo 100_0645, which shows the entrance to the car park. The photo 100_0638, where you can see another ticket attached to a car, (bottom left corner) was taken from where GFs car was parked, to get to her work from here she walks away from the surgery, and therefore not anywhere near the 'official' sign. I think you guys will agree with me that the signage is laughable, and that they havn't got a leg to stand on. An interesting situation has arisen, and it appears that it may be possible for the GF to get her work to pay the ticket, if they do so are we then able to take the doctor surgery to court to claim the money back from them or would it be the PPC? Has anyone done this before? And if we won, would that then change the law? Thanks for the replies again. Ian
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post here and i'd just like to say what a great site, i love it when the little guy fights back! My girlfriend got a ticket yesterday while parked in a doctors surgery car park that is next to her work car park. This is something she occasionally has to do as there there is an ongoing parking problem in the area and her work car park often has patients cars in it, often due to the boundaries of the two car parks not being obvious. Only yesterday the doctor surgury had intoduced a new parking regieme and she was issued with a £65 rising to £85 after 7 days. This is a days wage for my girlfriend and we both think it is extortionate and we don't think she should pay it. The ticked was issued by one of the staff from the surgery, but the PPC is VCS Parking Control. And it looked like a police ticket, so much so when i showed it to a police officer to ask him if it was one of his, he had to take a close look at it before being able to say! I have had a good read through this forum, and found loads of great information, a massive thumbs up to petej28118-) for the excellent guide, it has helped reassure both of us. There are a couple of things i'm not sure about though; On the website of this VCS Parking company VCS Parking Control - www.wheelclamping.net in their legal section they mention only trespass but no mention of contract law, where does this leave my girlfriend from a legal point of view? Secondly, i think that we shouldn't respond to the PPC (although a letter of disgust has been sent to the doctors surgery) however my girlfriend doesn't like to leave things (she worries) and she wants to send the PPC a letter, before they even try to chase her, to try and fend them off early. Could someone advise of the best method. Finally, really how viable is it that i can get the police involved in the Administration of Justice act? The copper i spoke to looked bemused when i mentioned the act to him! And if they do act should they go after the PPC or the person who issued the ticket? Keep up the great work and thanks in advance. Ian
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