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    hi micky thanks. yes it's been transfered to my local court but no dates yet or allocation questionaire needed (unless the judge decides so). i've been reading loads on the forum and have gone into brain overload!! will let you know when i get next correspondance from the court and pick yours (and anyone elses) info on what to do. thanks
  2. mong


    hello i have just joined the forum and been directed to the barclays group as thats the bank i am now taking to court!!!! this site has helped me to do all the letters and then mcol to start court proceedings. i suppose i thought they (barclays) would just pay up but instead they put in a defence. today i received the "notice of transfer of proceedings" any help would be greatfully received as i am starting to feel a little bit panicky thanks
  3. thanks i thought i had joined the barclays group but obviously not!!! this is all abit techno for me but i am getting there - with a little help from my new friends. i will go to the link and see where i get
  4. hello only joined the forum today and feel a bit lost already - has taken me ages to actually send this message. i've been using the site to go through claiming charges from barclays and today i got the "notice of transfer of proceedings" and got a little scared!! i have been reading thru loads of messages re this and feel like i'm in brain overload. any advise from here specific to my case would be great thanks in advance
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