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  1. Bump. Anyone? I have a feeling they have sold the debt to a DCA but surely they need to inform me of this?
  2. I believe that this is something you can do, I am sure the laws relate to debts before April 2007 so anything after this would be a problem, Best wait for someone with more knowledge though.
  3. Hi all, In August 09, I applied for a Debt Relief Order, I was advised by CCCS at the time not to include my HSBC account (for which I had a overdraft) as it was my main account. Also I had an outstanding bank charges case with HSBC for more then the outstanding balance anyways. Anyways, after months and months of argueing, the bank has "won". I claimed financial differculties due to my DRO. I no longer bank with HSBC so no payments have gone in for several months. I tried to log onto my HSBC account online last week and there was an error. I thought this is weird but sometimes
  4. Hi camuser, Having dealt with Wonga by email. I can assure you they will not reply, they will ask you to ring them. Do not ring, they will try and pressure you into paying, Do not ever pay more then you can afford. Do not give card details because they will try to take larger amounts of money from you. I contacted my local trading standards and got the interest put on hold. I went through a Debt Relief Order in order to get my debts under control.
  5. Yes this is the first time he has done it, totally lost track of time and how long he had paid for. He thought it was £50 to pay, did'nt read the ticket correct so he going to go and pay tomorrow and learn his lesson.
  6. I've attached the ticket, I assume its a perfectly legal one so therefore my grandad should just pay up. He wondered if he could get away with it by saying he had a bad turn or fell over.
  7. Hi all, My grandad has today recieved a ECN for £75 (25 off if paid within 7 days). He paid for 1 hour (50p) and stayed for an hour and 3/4's. The notice states the date of issue and time however I read this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/5232-your-parking-ticket-may.html and it says "2. The ticket must not refer to an "offence", the correct term is "contravention" does this apply to ECN? What grounds do I have for appeal, my grandad simply lost track of time.
  8. Hi there, I went into DFS on Saturday and my partner applied for credit for a Sofa, total price was £900 with a sofa/a footstool and stain cover. I have just gone through a Debt Relief Order so I am unable to obtain credit hence my partner applying. We applied for payments to start in April 2010 when money our end is freed up. The finance was refused. The order has already been sent to the supplier. They called us to check the details, several details were wrong i.e time with bank and time at address. We have tried again and still rejected. The guy at DFS suggested
  9. Thanks Slick, I did want to write a letter to complain about wasted time/staff and also to ask about why I can't have this however I wanted to see if it was a common thing when people go bankrupt. I will do a letter and send this off.
  10. As I can see, no-one has accually read this. This is a question, its not a case of if they allow it. This is a individual circumstance. They usually allow access to internet banking HOWEVER as I have a account going through a bankrupcty, They have refused internet banking, I need to manage my account and internet banking is my way of doing it.
  11. As some of you may know, I recently got my debt relief order. One of the accounts on this order is a Barclays account, a loan and a current account. I had transferred to HSBC when things with Barclays got too hot to try help negoiate my debt at the time. I got my DRO and set up a cash account with Barclays, This was set up fine and no problem. I tried to set up my internet banking a few weeks account and it kept failing, I thought maybe there is a problem with the site etc. I tried again today and it failed. I thought well I will call the internet banking help desk and ask. I got t
  12. Hi all, Not too sure where this one belongs. I currently have two contract phones, one is mine, the others is my partnets in my name. I went onto a Debt Relief Order in August. My contract ends in November. I require a phone for work purposes and to contact family. PAYG is not good enough for the job. I have a budget for £70 for my phone for this reason. My question is, if I have gone onto a DRO, Can i still be able to obtain a new contract or will both have to go into my partners name?
  13. As the above have said. Contact Trading Standards, Paypal broke the law by not checking you were over 18, Not sure of the implications for you setting the account up being under 18. Anyways, contact your local TS or Consumer Direct and see how it goes. I had a debt of £375 to Paypal after a gambling problem and Paypal got the money back on my mums card!
  14. Keep an eye on your bank, make sure no DD's go through and keep an eye. Looks like its going to be a while before they take action, might give you a chance to save some cash and do a full and final settlement for less then the loan maybe. I had a loan for £200 and got offered to pay it back at 175, I refused as did'nt have the money.
  15. Are you able to afford those direct debits, if not, Ask your bank for them back, say the account is in dispute or you paid them by card so you've double paid. Now that Uncle Buck has sold it to a DCA, you might find it easier to set up a payment plan. Ride it out, see what you get from this DCA and see if you can offer them what you can afford. Not too sure who Uncle Buck uses but if its anything like Wonga, it will be an in-house DCA so won't be able to negotiate but just wait and see what happens.
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