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  1. Following an accident I have been off work for ages and fell behind with my payments to capital one. Isent them a valid sick note signed by my doctor the moment they got it they issued me with a default notice now they threatening me with debt collectors. I was eondering if they can issue a default notice when they have had proof I am ill from my doctor.
  2. I have been off work for months and got behind with my credit card payments. I sent capital one a valid sick certificate signed by my doctor and in return the sent me a default notice. I was wondering if they can do this seeing as they had a sick certificate.
  3. I got behind with my TSB credit card payments because I have been off work due to illness. I sent TSB a valid sick certificate signed by my doctor. They have now sent me a large form which not only has to be filled out by a doctor but if I sign it will give them access to my medical records. I told them that they have a medical certificate and they are insisting I sign the form or face legal action. Can they do this?
  4. They have been told about 4 times in writing. They are a joke. I was first contacted by the compello group who also use the name MKDP LLP. They state that keynes collections are a servicing agent for compello group without stating that the two are the same. And someone has told me that they have been misrepresenting themselves.
  5. I have been telling them since last year it is statute barred. I have also found out that Keynes collections and the compello group are the same people. Does anybody know if a court is allowed to touch your state and private pensions?
  6. Following my problems with MKDP chasing a statute barred debt. A notice of intended legal action has now arrived from keynes collections. Part of it reads: This letter is made in accordance with the Practice Direction - Pre Action Conduct of the Civil Procedure Rules. Your attention is drawn to Paragraph 4 of Annex A of the Practice Direction concerning the court's power to impose sanctions for failure to comply with the Practice Direction. Can someone please explain what the above paragraph means. They also go on to say that I can pay the debt by credit card.
  7. So they should not be still processing my data.
  8. I wrote to MKDP and asked them to stop processing my data and got the following reply: As the balance remains outstanding we do not have to comply with your request to stop processing your personal data, as credit referencing is necessary for putting into effect the contract you signed with Welcome Finance. The debt is statute barred. Are they correct with what they say.
  9. I am now being chased by MKRR. They are insisting that when I informed them that the money paid in was a PPI refund I acknowledged the debt. The agreement was taken out in 2006. Their latest letter that arrived this week claims that due to MY misunderstanding of the situation they cannot assist me any further. I asked them in writing to stop phoning me because I was getting up to 5 calls a day to which they replied that they will continue to phone until I offer them a payment. Things got so bad that I have had to buy a call blocker.
  10. Brigadier the debt became statue barred 18 months ago. 3 months ago MDKP wrote and said that we had paid £3000 to welcome finance last year. All I did was write and back and informed them that the amount paid in was a PPI refund paid in by welcome finance so I do not see how this is admission of the debt. But on saturday we received a further letter from MDKP which says: Further to our previous correspondence will you please telephone our office with your proposal for payment of the debt. Furthermore as we informed you in our previous correspondence we do not view the debt as statue barred because; 1) You queried the amount on the default notice. 2) You informed us that the amount paid in was a PPI refund. So therefore you are liable to pay this debt.
  11. This is what MKDP said in a recent letter how should I reply. When you wrote and queried the figures on the default notice we view this as acknowledging the debt. Furthermore when you advised us that a payment made on the account was A PPI refund we view this as further acknowledgment of the debt therefore we do not believe that this debt is statue barred.
  12. sorry DX I forgot about this thread. Can I just verify that even though we queried the figures on the default notice. It still stands as statue barred
  13. We are being chased by MKDP for a welcome finance debt which is statue barred. Back in 2010 we queried the figures on the default notice that had been sent. This morning we had a letter from MKDP saying: Following a further review of the account I can verify that you have acknowledged the account in you correspondence to Welcome finance in January 2010. Also back in MKDP claimed we had paid welcome the sum of £3000. And we replied saying that welcome paid that as a PPI refund and MKDP are also saying that this is further acknowledgement of the account We did say in the letter that we did not acknowledge the debit. My question is this: Where do we stand because this is well over statue barred.
  14. If SCM are not really solicitors then how were they able to take me to court over a Black Horse Debt?
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