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  1. Thanks for the above replies. Yes, the tenancy doesn't allow subletting, but instead says that if after 3 months the tenant can find a suitable alternative tenant and if this person is accepted by the landlord, as long as the landlord doesn't lose any money because of this, then the tenancy shall end. Actually from the start to end, my boyfriend guaranteed the landlady that he'll pay the rent till the end of the original term, it's just a change of person living there. But the lady made it pretty clear now that she doesn't allow this to happen. She said if he doesn't live there, she can't
  2. Thanks for your reply, Nightmare4banks. Yes, I do understand that letting the replacement tenant in without first meeting the landlady was wrong. However my boyfriend did introduce the new tenant to one of the housemates (lets say Mr A) when he moved in, and there seemed to be nothing wrong with Mr A at that time about him moving in. Mr A and the new tenant even chatted a bit about the house and the surrounding area etc. My boyfriend couldn't introduce the new tenant to the other housemate (Mr B) because Mr B was not at home at the time. However the day before the new tenant moved
  3. Thanks for your reply, Aequitas. Actually forgot to say, yesterday when met the landlady at 5pm, she did return the keys. When we asked why didn't return them on Tuesday, she said she needed to ensure the illegal tenant is gone. Anyway we wanted to resolve this peacefully if possible, and tried to be reasonable, so in the letter, my boyfriend said from yesterday gave her 1-month notice to end tenancy, and will try to find an alternative tenant by then. Problem now is the landlady keeps saying she's busy to meet the new person we've found (not available till next Tue), I think it's just he
  4. Hi, everyone, Can anyone give me some advice on this please? Sorry it’s a long post, but will try to make myself as clear as possible. I’m posting on behalf of my boyfriend. He’s got a 1-year Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement with a private landlady for a single room in a 3-bed shared house, starting from 15 Sep 2006, so the agreement will come to an end on 15 Sep 2007. Because my boyfriend recently moved to my house, his room is therefore empty, but he’s still paying the rent there. Since that’s a bit waste of money, he wanted to sublet the room to an alternative tenant to co
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