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  1. Hi Bankfodder, Thanks for your reply. I may being stupid but i am trying to obtain the email address to send the details and copies of Court documents. Regards,
  2. Hi Everyone, I firstly want to say how fantastic i think this site is and i wat to thank everyone for the support and help their knowledge has provided to me over the last three years. Like thousands of others my case has been stayed since July 2007. Recently i have seen Bankfodders comments around the new possible argument into bank charges around administrive costs. Subsequently i dug my court papers out and i found what i believe to be two very interesting submissions by Barclays Solicitors to the defence of my claim. Section 3a. The Defendant's right to charge administrive costs if any cheque, standing order or direct debit cannot be paid because of lack of cleared funds in the account they then go on to say the cost is £30.00 previously £27.50. Section 3b. The Defendant's right to charge administrive costs if the defendant's compelled to pay any items which cause the account to be overdrawn £30.00 per item previously £27.50. I find this personally an incredible admission from the bank as they have not only in my opinion claimed that the charges are administrive costs but have also indicated a ammount figure ie 30.00 to a £35.00 charge and £27.50 to a £30.00 charge. I would be interested what BANKFODDER and the rest think to this.
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