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  1. Its a re-mortgage. Right I dont think its front loaded then. This is what ive got... It lists the mortgage payments and details and then for PPP PPP amount £2750.00 PPP repayment £5700.00 over the term of the loan (which is 300 months) Service fees £3000.00 Service repayment £6218.18
  2. Thanks for quick reply Cost of cover 2750.00 Taken out 22nd Jan 2004, first payment due 6th Feb 2004. What does front loaded mean? I assume thats bad.
  3. My mum has asked me to look into PPI reclaiming for her, ive spent a good couple of hours here and still none the wiser, its confusing me, I just dont 'get it' !! She has a mortgage with PPI, was originally taken out with igroup which has been taken over by GE money, they told her she HAD to take out the PPI. So where do I start? Ive got a copy of the application and the credit agreement here. It doesnt say how much the PPI costs each month? just the total amount and if interest has been added etc... Im stuck!
  4. My friend has been in touch, all the letter says is the date and time of the preliminary hearing, nothing else. Does he need to take any kind of document with him? Jen
  5. Thanks for your reply. It is in England. £5591, going through small claims as it is under £5k before the interest is added. Ill try get in touch now to find out what the order says, im pretty sure if it said to send anything off 14 days before he would have asked me sooner (maybe) Jen
  6. A friend has come to me panicking because he has a court date for 18th July and doesnt know what to do, using this site and MSE ive figured out he needs to put together a court bundle which is supposed to be sent no later than 14 days before the hearing, which obviously has passed!! I havent actually seen the letter but he tells me it is a preliminary hearing so would there be any paperwork to put together at this point anyway? I looked up prelim hearing and the judge usually decides on one of these if he wants to give "special directions" to both parties in person (or so ive read) and ho
  7. A friend of mine asked for his statements, got them, sent prelim letter only a less than a week ago and got response yesterday!! The letter is standard "shut up and go away" they wont pay (£4752) and if it goes to court they will counterclaim for breach of contract? should he be worried about that, ive read a couple of the YB threads and seen the counterclaim thing but not for "breach of contract" Any advice would be gratefully received. Jen
  8. Court papers were deemed served on the 15th September, Mum received letter from court "acknowledgement of service on the 18th" (that only came today??) they are defending the whole amount! What do u think will happen next?? Jen
  9. Forgot to add, My mum got a letter from Capital 1's solicitor, she has 14 days to pay what she owes before court action! And the solicitor has been instructed not to discuss the account with her!!! Capital 1, ner ner beat you to it!!
  10. Sugajen

    Please help

    Im new to this myself (have just started a claim against cap 1) I wouldnt send a Letter before action first, I sent the same letter to capital 1 as I did the bank. As for the interest there is a spreadsheet template in the library its very easy to do, If you dont have excel there is a free alternative (called open office) also in the library section. HTH Jen
  11. Wow thats amazing!, Im helping my mum we've started the claim against them today (form N1 at court) Maybe they knew what you wanted them for and have decided its easier to give in at the start lol, wish they did that for my mum. Jen
  12. Im sure I started a thread like this already *apologies* (might have been for the Halifax board) Just thought I would record the progress made, Got statements quite easily and quickly from them, sent all appropriate letters and got all the usual responses (ie bog off) was offered £484 (they owe my mum £1315) Took N1 into court yesterday and couldnt got the assistant to understand what we was claiming so she got rid of us by saying she needed 3 copies of everything anyway (she was sat in front of a photocopier!!!!) was too late to go back yesterday so its all gone in today!! Mu
  13. Not using moneyclaim online as my mum is exempt from fees, so off we went to court with the ready prepared form N1 and spreadsheet, to be told "thats wrong" and her words "I havent got a clue how you have done that" I have copied the particulars of claim from here and the spreadsheet is from here too, after we argued over how far back you can claim (she said 3 years we put her right) she was saying something about the interest but I couldnt get it though to her that the claim is for lots of charges made on different dates so the interest HAS to be worked out seperatly for each one then th
  14. I did wonder lol, just wanted to check. Just the particulars of claim bit now??
  15. So the value part will be £1365 + £XXX interest Then particulars of claim--This is what im unsure about? Also do I have to include a schedule of charges if ive got the spreadsheet included?
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