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  1. Other than being a unhappy customer of Arnold Clark, I was happy with my car which got stolen last week. I purchased the car from AC 4 months back and last month purchased an extended warranty from them. The papers of the warranty got stolen with the car. Went back to them to say as the car is gone now, can they refund the money (deducting for the one month), we've received a negative reply saying that Clark Warranty is non-refundable. Understood for selling, but here the commodity is missing. Please advise how I can get my money back. I feel ripped off as due to stolen car I'm losing my
  2. URGENT.... PLEASE ADVISE... Hi... Its been a month still no sign of clearance.. I've provided with bills that state the utilities are cleared rather than she calling up the companies which would have taken just 10 min.... two weeks back had a chat with her and she confirmed that she'll update the agent for release of the deposit, but then she went on holiday... Now I've lost my patience and wish to send a letter before action.. Can someone please confirm if the text is fine.. address> Address> Dear XXXX, LETTER BEFORE ACTION Re
  3. Thanks Planner.. I think I've been soft for long and need to come up with a definate action. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. The landlords agent holds the deposit. But they want a clearance from the landlord to release the deposit.
  5. Hi, Can someone please help?? I've spoken to the Utility companies.. they cannot issue anything in written other than the last bill..
  6. Hi, Last week landlady called up to say that she's received the letter was was about to reply. The agent told her to confirm that all bills were paid.. and she wanted to confirm the same. As I pay by Direct Debit there was nothing to show other than the bill , but she required confirmation for utilities and council.. Specifically called up the utility companies to allow them to provide the information if the landlady calls them and gave her the land lady's number.. After a week, today called up to check if she's informed the agent and she says she does not have the time to call up the companie
  7. Thanks Demon, N4b... Will wait for another 2 weeks before sending the Letter Before Action. And post it here to get it checked.. Thanks ever so much.. rdx0202
  8. Reply to rowansgran vbmenu_register("postmenu_955418", true); : When I started renting the contract was done through the Agent.. but still the contract was between the landlord and myself, with the agent acting as a primary contact for the landlord. After 8 months the landlord wished to manage the letting herself and hence the contract continued for the next 4 months. After this 1 year period, we wished to continue as a monthly carry over and hence there is no contract now between ourselves and the landlord.. Hope its now much clear.. As far as the point of viewings is concerned, I
  9. Hi All, Just left the things with landlord for two weeks... No response.. Sent a letter specifying the details and requesting for deposit to be returned in the next 14 days. As I did not have the landlord's address got the same from the agent and sent a registered post copying another one to the agent. Although the letter has reached the agent, the landlords is not yet delivered. What can I do now? I'm happy to clear off whatever she's asking for.. Please help Rdx0202
  10. :idea: This may seem to be a long post... but just adding the details. Can someone please advise me as to what action I should take now? We started initially with a 6 months contract through agent in Feb 2006 and then extended the contract for another 6 months in July 2006. During October 2006 the landlady informed us that she does not wish the agent to manage the property but as we are in a contract so we should still continue. :o We requested the agent to hold the deposit and not to pass the deposit to the landlady. We were away for holiday in January and had informed our landlady
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