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  1. Any idea if Halifax Use Callcredit for the search on a mortgage. Cheers HAK
  2. Hi all Well thought I would get back in touch after a long long break. Lots has happened but thought I would post what I have achieved in the last 6 months. Have to get another mortgage and from having over 20 defaults on my credit file back in 2008 I had 5 defaults remaining. So I got to work and here is the result: Default 1 - was issued in 2010, got it back dated to 2007 and it fell off late last year. Default 2- Issued in May 2008. Checked the date of the default notice to when they issued it and it took them 5 months not the 28 days as per the notice. Quick letter to them and they back dated it to Jan this year and has now fallen off file Default 3 - was issued in 2010, they could not produce the original default notice but insisted it was issued. Told them I will take them to Court and the judge would want to see the notice so either remove or show. They removed the default notice. Default 4, 5 - Again they could not find the original default noticed issued in 2008 so they removed. All clear apart from some wrong late payment info back in 2008. If this stops me getting a mortgage I am going to issue proceedings under the DPA and sue for damages. They can not justify in any way why they are reporting the info but been stubbon they will not remove. Luckily I have house insurance cover that hopefully will pay for the proceedings. The motto here is 10 -15 years ago banks had all the wrong paper work and did not keep records. Just ask to see the notices, if they can not produce grind them down. Good Luck HAK
  3. Hi All I am getting confused with the 14 day service etc of default notices and the current case law.Am I right in saying if the default notices is dated say the 1st of the month and they give you till the 14th of the month to rectify its is invalid as they have not allowed for postage.If so what is the case law.Cheers HAK
  4. I have just given the Woman hell as yet again she has taken the banks side.
  5. Not sure on Papa post .?? Cheers Rachel for the post. Got the book and its a great help. Just struggling with the case law at moment
  6. Sorry forgot to ask, Anybody got any good case law for: Reasonable adjustments for a stress related impairment under the DDA
  7. Hi I am at a ET hearing shortly and i am just wondering if anybody has some good stories about winning. I am so certain i am going to win but they have refused to settle with ACAS saying they case is rock solid and they are going to win. I am a LAY person and they have a solictor etc. Dont want to go to much into the case but sometimes it get you worried that they are saying they are rock solid?? Any advice would be nice HAK
  8. Hi all Been of forum for a bit now and come back and it has all changed. Any Idea were you can view your subscribed posts??
  9. Well Done !!! Not been on forum for ages and see you are still doing a spleded job 42 Man !!!!
  10. PT think I have cracked it Cheers Mate!!!
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