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  1. North Outer Zone? And where is that on the road? I am very certain I have never parked on the road although I do use it often as a rat run.
  2. Have a small problem. I received a PNC via camera enforcement. I have two issues with it 1 - I dont recall being parked on that road on that dat at that time. 2 - It says the place as Whitehorse Road @ NOZ Does anyone know what NOZ is?
  3. Since you are at the BP stage there's no point discussing what should or shouldn't have happened at the SD stage. The BP should have been served personally! If they were unable to do so, then the process server should have a sworn affidavit spelling out what efforts they made to serve it personally and a request to the court for alternate service via letter boxing. Once that request was ordered by the court then it can be served by letter boxing it and a further affidavit would then be sworn saying so.
  4. To have your judgement set aside you will need to put forward a reason why. You must keep your reason as clear and simple as possible. We have listed quite a few valid reasons below. Were you given 28 days notice in order to pay? Were you living at the address when the summons and judgement took place? If you took out a loan or any form of credit were you in receipt of the Default Notice before receiving the summons. Did you receive the summons? They are not sent by recorded mail. Maybe you were unable t
  5. I've seen it too and both the SD and BP were served correctly. There's no avenue to set aside at all.
  6. yeah they're 4th on the list. Always research before buying i say
  7. I just ran a search for insolvency on the law society website for chester and found 50
  8. find another one. You can search for solicitors using the law society website
  9. You really need to find a solicitor who can go through all the options with you and then you need to take their advice.
  10. if the letters are not for you just ignore them.
  11. How to have a Statutory Demand (SD) set aside There are many creditors who are issuing Statutory Demands (SD’s) inappropriately i.e. as a threat only and have no intention of going the whole route of making someone bankrupt. I have therefore set out a step by step guide to defending yourself from these types of threats. Now in my job as a Process Server, I serve a lot of SD’s and people generally have a misconception that they can avoid or evade being served. This misconception clearly comes from the influence of American movies where you see the process server attempting to serv
  12. I still don't understand why you owe them any money? can you explain a bit more?
  13. That will depend on the companies disciplinary procedures. read them carefully, your answers will be there.
  14. Very odd indeed. Start keeping a diary and consider a grievance. This is starting to sound like they want to get rid of you.
  15. Not all my posts, just think it's immoral to advice people to lie and cheat in order to get away with committing a crime. Just my opinion of course.
  16. I'm not passing judgement, I'm discussing various aspects of the case. Maybe you can save your remarks for someone who cares.
  17. She wasn't let off with a caution. A caution is an admission of guilt and will remain on her record.
  18. It is lying. Also most application forms have a section on convictions. Wonder what she'll put there.
  19. Correct! That's exactly what we used to do except we would do it at the end of the investigation interviews (if the evidence supported it). That's what happens when you steal. It's extremely unlikely that any appeal would succeed.
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