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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply. Do I, however, have to make the repayments back if I'm not working or earning I thought they took it out of wages via PAYE, which is why I'm confused how the money can't be taken from them. Note: I'll be self-employed, and filling out assessment, but that's besides the point. Matt
  2. Hey, Im doing an honors degree, and currently have a loan out each year with SLC. The degree is 4 years; currently entering into my 3rd. I've got around £3000 a year from a loan (maintanence only). I'm planning to become self employed. My perceptions were, that after I finish college, then, and only then, will my repayments begin - BUT only if I earn over the £15k threshold. Now, after reading these forums, I'm getting a little bit worried. I'm hearing of "arrears" (which I dont actually know what they mean), and countless problems. Should I continue these loans? I'm not sure what to do now.. it's building up (i'm not really worried, as I'm considering it as a very small mortgage), and I hope to repay it as soon as humanly possible! Any implications/problems I should look out for? Matt
  3. MDTyKe

    SLC question

    I thought the 50 birthday thing only applied to those under the old system! Matt
  4. Annnnnnnyone? Want to get this posted off asap Matt
  5. Sorry, I had pictures but they've seemed to have dissapeared. Here they are again:
  6. Please see: In according to the NI act of course ***** note: color of vehicle (its clearly gray, nowhere near blue at all) incorrect. no signature? Matt
  7. MDTyKe

    SLC question

    Hey, I'm about to start the 3rd year of a 4 year course. I have a few questions 1 - For my application this year, it requested me to state if I'd be doing a placement, where and how much (couldn't leave it blank). I said I wasn't, because I'm not doing a placement until January, and I am wholly unaware of all the details (not chosen yet, nor do I know how much, if anything I'd get) 2 - Payment is obviously due to begin on the September that I finish college. However, I plan to be self-employed, and take a year out to go and do some missionary work after college -- in which case I'll not be working for a year. I understand the money has to be paid back after I earn a certain amount (I think 19k for Ireland as it's higher on the pay scale). Will I encounter problems by not beginning to pay it back for a year etc? I'm obviously on the 'new' system, but even with payments i'm not sure if I'll get it paid off before I'm 65... and with the interest rate due to rise (it's rising by about 20 pounds a month at th emoment I think) it's beginning to get me a tad worried!! Thanks Matt
  8. Hey, Just wondering how the law works in N.I and how to get out of this. They have stated the car is 'Blue' when its specifically Grey (its nowhere near blue) - and is registered grey with the DVLA(NI). Haven't got time to check other things, like Date of Issue wording etc, but does all this apply to NI? I seen other wording in relation to the 'Road Traffic Act 1991' but it seems to be full of sections about Parking in London. Clearly I'm not London For reference, here is our law: The Traffic Management (Northern Ireland) Order 2005 Advice appreciated. Matt
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