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  1. Hello BD! going down the UE route. bobo
  2. Hello BD! Thanks for asking, I've stopped paying and gone down the EU route. bobo
  3. Morning All! Does my friend have to provide the info that MBNA is requesting? He's panicking because he is running out of time replying. I am sure I read it somewhere that the less info they have the better, correct me if I am wrong. Thanks bobo
  4. Hello BD! Really grateful and thanks for reading the post. No he has not CCA MBNA and does not have the copy himself. The account is not in default yet, as he have been keeping up with his payments by borrowing. He feels strained and stress out as he tries to keep the creditors happy, and also he doesn't want to upset his mortgage borrower. He knows somewhere down the line his credit file will be affected. His mortgage at the moment is on a tracker and will run out from 2012. Thanks bobo
  5. Hello! Can someone please help me on this one? I have suggested my friend to follow wilchil64 as he is in the same position, struggling with his creditors and the high interesst due to wage reduction. He've send them a very low reduced payment by cheque and stated that only to bank the cheque if they agree on the payment offered. MBNA have send this letter: http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af236/bobogosing17/MBNA.jpg My friend is worried that he'll loose his house as its not a small sum that he owes to MBNA creditcard. What he would like to know is " Please be aware that t
  6. Morning BD! Thank you and I've changed it. bobo
  7. Morning All! Can someone give me some advice on this letter please? I am planning to send this letter to offer F&F settlement to my creditors. The words in the ( cease & desist) and (prescribed terms), do I need to fill in my own words or keep it as it is in the brackets? Here's the letter: Dear Sirs, Account No: I write with reference to the money which you are claiming on the above account. I wish to make an offer to resolve that will suitably please both parties. I can confirm that I am unable to offer to pay the money which I owe in full as I can
  8. Morning BD and everyone! Sorry to sound dim. What's the advantage if Northern Rock have terminated the account? Will I be in a better position to make the F&F offer? Thanks bobo
  9. Also, what do you think of this dispute letter I am going to send 1st? bobo Dear Sirs, Account No. The account is in dispute with Northern Rock. Please be advised that I will ONLY communicate with you in writing. Any attempts to contact me I will duly log the time and date. Should it be your intention to arrange a doorstep visit, please be advised that under OFT rules, you can only visit me at my home if you make an appointment and I have no wish to make such an appointment with you. There is an implied license under English Common Law for people to be able to
  10. Morning BD! Thanks again for your advice:-D. I am going to SAR Northern Rock, what do you think of this SAR template? Thanks bobo Dear Sirs, Account No: Subject Access Request - S.7 Data Protection Act 1998 Please supply me with a copy of all information your company hold on me including a list of accounts and details of payments along with copies of statements. Under the Data Protection Act 1984 and 1998, and including the right of subject access under these acts, I hereby request that you supply me with any and all historical data in your possession whic
  11. Morning citizen B, thanks so much for the rewording. Really appreciate it. bobo
  12. Morning BD! Hope you are keeping well. Been having internet problems! Anyway, what do you think of this update? Thanks and really grateful for all your help and advice. Also to the people that have helped me out aswell. Really grateful for this forum. bobo Dear Sir/Madam   I have on numerous occasions, informed your company that I am unwilling to communicate by phone and also notified you that all phone numbers listed are to be removed from my personal details. I have also asked that all correspondence should be in writing only for which, under OFT Guidance on Debt Collectio
  13. Morning All! Received letter from 1st Credit. The letter says they've been advised from their client (Nothern Rock) to recover the outstanding balance. But I am on DMP with PayPlan and Payplan have been taking out monthly payment to pay them. I don't understand why Northern Rock is still sending debt collectors, 1st Credit is not the 1st collector. Evershed was 1st. Then in September this year I've received 2 different debt collectors. I've upload what the recent debt collectors have send. Please can anyone advice what to do with these? Really grateful. bobo
  14. Hello BD! Thanks, it does look alot more professional8-)! I will tweak a bit more as you suggested with the harassment template. bobo
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