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  1. About three months ago I posted for troubles with the previous landlord and here I am again, starting to get really stressed with this city..anyway here goes: I moved in this new flat in June through an agency. Today they called me telling me that the landlord is going to sell the house we are in (this monday a guy will visit the flat to evaluate it) and that we should not worry because the future landlord wants to keep it rent it too so it shouldnt affect us. We signed a minimum 8 months contract. - What are my rights? Do I have the right to stay at least 8 months? - If the new owner wants to live in the house as soon as he buys it, what happens to me? Can he do it, what are my rights? - The agency told us we should not worry and everything will stay the same. If it does, after the 8 months, can he increase the rent? If so, for how much?
  2. What is a "county court summons via mcol"? He is an individual and the adress on the agreement was the same adress as the one I lived in but he divided the house in 3 floors so mine was for Ex 41A and in the agreement was 41C (third floor). Yes, he was searching for a new tennant when I left so I'm sure he is renting it now. How do I see if he is on a electral roll there? Can I just call the electric company and ask?
  3. Another update, just got the LBA back, the letter is closed so he never picked it up. On the letter it says "We were unable to deliver this item because not called for" so I guess he never went to the post office to collect it. Is this good? Bad?
  4. That makes me think that he is aware of he costs. It was a private landlord so there was no agency involved. And from the 1500 he gave us back £1000, which makes me think twice in spending the £120 knowing I might not get them back.
  5. So I will always spend at least £120 pounds to get the lawsuit going? Is there any cheaper way?
  6. Hello all, using the template letter a few posts before I sent the Letter Before Action on the 12 of July. As I expected the 14 days have passed and I had no reply whatsoever from the landlord. What should my next step be?
  7. Thanks! Already printed and should send it tomorrow. Just wondering, if he calls me and tries to arranje a 4th time, should I accept to meet him yet again? I also wanted to avoid giving him a forward adress, is there a solution for that other than renting a temporary one? Also my ex-girlfriend said she was fed up with the problem and doesnt want to get in the issue anymore which means I just lost my "witness" for his actions, will this affect the outcome a lot?
  8. I tried using some letters I saw on some other posts, any good? To The claimant entered into an assured shorthold tenancy with the defendant on 22/09/2006 and paid £1500 deposit to reside at The defendant never provided the claimant with an inventory and condition report. The property was vacated on 23/06/2007 without breach of any of the conditions of the tenancy. The defendant has failed to repay the claimants £500 from the deposit of £1500. The claimant has requested reasons and details for the just retention of any part of the deposit but the defendant has failed to disclose this information. The claimant claims that the £500 are being withheld unfairly. If you do not reply with a satisfactory response within seven (should I put 14 then?) days I shall have no alternative but to issue proceedings against you in the County Court. If I am forced to take my claim to the small claims court, I will also be claiming the fees incurred by myself.
  9. There was no inventory whatsoever, the contract only spoke about him checking the house to see if everything was ok but it never stated how the house was and is now. I also went to that registry search website but it seems to ask from £3 per record? Is it worth paying for it?
  10. Ok, stupidly I gave the landlord another chance and...he didnt show up, half an hour in the rain waiting for the bastard. Once again tried to call him and he didint answer the phone. I want to sue the f***ing idiot the best I can. He only gave me £1000 from the 1500 but there is no proof whatsoever, I'm so ****ed off I feel I want to demand for the whole amount, is that viable? Anyway, what is the first step now to start the process? I read a few other posts and people wrote registered letter is that the way to start?
  11. Hi, what a surprise, the landlord didnt show up, AGAIN! He tried to schedule for today (Monday) but we dont know what to do, its the third time now and for sure he will do this again, just schedule and then not show up. And the worst thing is that he doesnt even give reason. Should I keep trying to meet him?
  12. Thank you for amazing advice. No, I completely forgot to do so, there are no pictures of the house before we left.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, he was by far the worstl landlord I ever had. We were living on a ground floor flat (the whole 3 floor house belonged to him) and he decided to do some rework on the 2nd floor. While doing it he threw all the garbage, broken glas from windowss, cables, cigar bums and even bricks from the repairs into our garden/patio. When we confroted him about the issue he said that was normal and that is the way things are, always saying it was his house and he could do it the way he wanted to. He also entered the house several times (without our consent) to get tools or materials that felt into the garden. All the bills for the house are payed and I have the receipts. So what should I say to him when he presents me a bill or something from the house cleaning people when we meet this Friday?
  14. Quick update!!! He just call me for us to meet this friday, he says he will give the rest of the money but that the house wasnt cleaned (it was as good as we had it when we moved in) and the cleaning will cost £180! We left the house perfectly cleaned. How can we discuss this issue? Also £180 for cleaning seems a lot. I also think he will try to charge more money for something else. Any suggestions? Any thing I should prepare or do so he doesnt try to take even more money? He also insisted he wanted a forward adress from me and started shouting on the phone when I asked the reason why. Should I give one to him? Advice would be very good. Thanks
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