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  1. What do you mean by Hope I didn't tell them and how long is the charging order on the house for?
  2. Hi, I didn't receive any notification about the ccj as I had moved house. First I knew about it was when I seen it on my credit file.
  3. Hi All I have received a letter stating a charge is being made against my house for a £5600.00 debt that I believe is unenforceable. The debt fell off my credit file 19 months ago and is now being chased by Arr-w Gl--al . Can someone help me with this. there is now a ccj on my file and a court date of 29th Jan 2015 for the judge to decide whether the charge against my house should go ahead. I have not acknowledged this debt to the dca or the original bank.
  4. Hi, yes just moved address, found out by looking at my equip ax report, it was issued 24/09/2014. Don't really know who it is only recognise the amount from previous debt that is no longer endurable.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to go about removing a CCJ which has been put on my file by M-t-rm-l- finance for a debt that fell off my credit file 12 months ago Regards Jack508
  6. Do i ignore the letters then? I presume i will start getting phone calls as well, what is the best answer to the phone calls? Thanks for you input
  7. If it does, what steps do i take.
  8. I took out a loan with Natwest in 2003 but by 2005 i could not afford it, it was passed to A debt collection agency whom i paid for roughly 12 months. I then stopped paying and refused to aknowledge the debt. I have never been contacted since. Today 10/12/2011 I have received two letters from Natwest saying the debt has now been sold to Capquest and to deal with them. Do i refuse to aknowledge the debt? They could not provide a true copy of the credit agreement, this is why i stopped paying. This is the first correspondence from Natwest in at least five years and at least five years since i made a payment to the debt. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi All I have numerous charges of £75.00 a time on my mortgage statements for visits from mortgage debt councellors acting for Abbey because of my arrears, the trouble is i have only ever had one visit in five years from these people and i must have at least ten of these charges on the statements. My question is can i ask for these charges to be refunded? Regards Jack508
  10. Hi All Can someone tell me if a bailiff (Marstons) can charge me £215.00 to tell me that they are now collecting a TV License fine from my local court. The fine was for £250.00 and my first letter from Marstons is demanding £465.00 in full, they wont exept anything but full payment.l
  11. I have a company chasing my PPI from Egg and have just had a phone call today from my solicitor saying they have offered all the PPi back, my solicitor says to refuse this as they want all the PPi plus the loan amount aswell. The solicitors say that just offering the PPi back is only the test the water offer and they will be back with a bigger offer. Total soloicitors are asking for is £10500. I would say that by offering PPi back they are admitting liability so i will carry on.
  12. Hello to All I have waited almost 3 years for my true copy of CCA, i have been chased by no fewer than six different Debt Collecting Agents, once i ask for the CCA they never come near me again. I would like to know if there is a time scale on this, ie: after a certain time without producing the right documents are they still allowed to chase the debt or does it become unenforcable? Jack508
  13. Hello All I was wondering if anybody can help shed some light on the charges Abbey charge for late payment of my mortgage. Along with a lot of others i am finding things tough at the moment and i am paying my mortgage but a bit later in the month than is requested. Abbey continue to charge me £35.00 (LATE FEES)a month for this pleasure. Can i claim these charges back from them. Regards Jack508
  14. Hello all I owed £42.50 to my council tax which Equita were collecting on behalf of council. I sent the cheque but it bounced, i sent another cheque which cleared within two days. I am now being asked for £31.96 by Equita for bouncing a cheque, which Equita claim it was charged by thier bank for the returned cheque. Anyone know where i stand on this one? Regards Jack
  15. Hi Red I have not paid while in dispute. Intrum were collecting the debt but passed it back to NatWest. I have now received a letter from Natwest after 75 days. See attachments below. Page #1 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/ntwestlet.jpg Page #2 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca-1.jpg Page #3 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca.jpg
  16. Hello All Can anybody tell me what i should do now. I have not received my CCA which i requested 75 days ago. I was sent a loan application form with no signatures from myself or the bank after 74 days. Is there a procedure i should now follow. Regards Jack
  17. Hello Curlyben No signatures at all. Please read the attachment. Its the letter they sent with so called CCA. It quotes section 77. http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/ntwestlet.jpg
  18. Hello Curlyben Used photobucket, have a look at the links now.
  19. Hi, hope this worked, used photobucket. Regards Jack Page #1 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca-1.jpg Page #2 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca.jpg[url=http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca.jpg][/url]
  20. If you could give me your email address i will forward it to you. Regards Jack
  21. Hi All Well after 75 days i have received (what they say is) a CCA from NatWest. Looks to me like a loan application, no signatures. Can someone take a look and tell me what they think. Cheers Jack P.S. Please see attachments of cca they have sent me. Page #1 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca-1.jpg Page #2 http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/bedding4all/natwestcca.jpg
  22. Hi MrMarmite Where do you think i stand on this then and where should i go from here, i have had phone calls from them asking to start my payments again. Regards Jack508
  23. I sent CCA request to Intrum on 27.07.2007 and received a letter back stating: They would contact their clients for instructions and will hold the matter in abeyance while they await a reply. As of today 26.09.2007 i have received nothing at all from either Natwest or Intrum. Can someone tell me where i stand on this now as i think they have missed their deadline have'nt they. 27/07/2007 to 26/09/2007 total of 67 days. Regards Jack508
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