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  1. We both just have separate, identical, standard shorthold assured tenany agreements which both relate to the whole flat and not parts of it. On my tenancy agreement it says 'We ( the landlord) will let the property to you, and only ('name of tenant' ) will be allowed to live there.' Quite clearly, this is a matter for the landlord to interpret, based on common sense. If the girlfriend stays more than a third of the time, which she does, then the landlord should do something about it. If the landlord does not, then it is clear I would then have a grievance against my flatmate AN
  2. Yes, I am 100% sure that she is not on his tenancy agreement. Me and my flatmate have separate tenancy agreements with the landlord, and she is not mentioned on either of them.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions and opinions. Of course all tenants are allowed guests, but at what point do they stop being a 'guest?' Can she stay here one day a week? Can she stay here three days a week? Can she stay here six days a week? This situation cannot be legal because I am actually paying for the gas/electricity she uses. She is not a tenant, and therefore, in mind, has no tenants rights nor obligations. I am not going to the expense and trouble of moving out. This is my home. I found this flat and have been living here three years and my flatmate has been living here t
  4. I am renting a two bedroom flat in Northampton. My original flat mate moved out and I told the landlord I would look for another one. The new flatmate seemed ok but it gradually became clear he was a flat mate from hell. I do not have the power to throw him out because it is not my flat. We both have separate tenancy agreements with the landlord. The issue is that his girlfriend is staying here more and more, and now, in addition to having a flatmate from hell, I have the priviledge of living with a couple. The partner is using all the amenities and obviously not paying for any of them.
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